"Got A Feeling" as written by and Vincent Hornsby John Conolly....
I got a feeling coming on
Life is taking way too long
I’ll see you when I’m home
See a madman on the wall
A burning church and human flaw,
But you leave them alone

I got a feeling that comes around
The dogs of war I put them down
I hear them cry and beg
I gave a poor man a dime or two
He saved my soul with gratitude
And gave his life yes you did

God really knows us all
God really knows us all
And God really knows us all

Please I know it’s too late for my eyes to open
Now I see the door closing, I need more time for it’s over

I got a feeling coming on (feeling coming on)
I got a feeling coming on (feeling coming on)
I got a feeling coming on (feeling coming on)
I got a feeling coming on (feeling coming on)
I got a feeling coming on (feeling coming on)

So please I know it’s too late for my eyes to open
I feel the door closing and I see myself getting older
I got a feeling I'll never be free until it’s over

I got a feeling coming on life is taking way too long
I’ll see you when I’m home

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"Got a Feeling" as written by John Conolly Clint Lowery

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    Song MeaningI heard someone call this a Gospel song, but I think they only called it that because they heard 'God' in the lyrics. Although I really wish Christian songs were this deep and relatable.

    This seems to be about a personal struggle with religion.

    He talks about the horrors of war (The dogs of war I put them down/I heard them cry and beg) and the small miracles that he's witnessed (I gave a poor man a dime or two/He saved my soul with gratitude). He's conflicted.

    He just seems... exhausted by it all (Life is taking way too long). He regrets that he doesn't have much faith left, but he still wants to believe (So please I know it’s too late for my eyes to open).
    CheckersMcGavernon October 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI really like how Sevendust's songs–well, some of them at least–are more in-depth than just simply being hardcore rocker songs. I guess most of the songs and artists of those songs I listen to are mostly ones that tend to delve perhaps skin-deep or very soul-deep into personal struggles with negative emotions and influences and also with the rejoices of positive ones too, all whilst the narrator of the song, whoever or whatever the narrator is, emerges out of his or her own darkness. In addition, certain moods must match certain musical atmospheres, and Sevendust's I Got a Feeling comes with soft musical tunes and a melancholy tone like it's a ballad of grief and misfortune.

    This song, just like I described in above definition of an ideal song to me as a consumer (i.e. a music listener) with particular tastes, is quite dark and angst-ridden, laced with a sense of despair at the misgivings of the narrator's past, the ongoing ominous gloom of the present, and the growing uncertainty and hopelessness of his future. That's what the starting lyric (and title) of this song "I got a feeling coming on" even represents: the growing suspenseful realization that something in his life and in this world he's living in now is soon gonna happen for the worst or more, and unless he tries to make this countdown to doomsday a race against time to correct the mistakes he's made and right his wrongs, it'll be just as it is described: a ticking time bomb.

    "I got a feeling coming on
    Life is taking way too long
    I'll see you when I'm home"

    The narrator is seemingly plagued by a haunting gut feeling that something in his life isn't going very well or it's not going to get better anytime soon, and he's so tired of that that he feels that life is delaying him from his death for too long. I'm not sure what the third lyric is alluding; I can only guess the narrator is referring to God, whom he is very eager to meet "when [he's] home", or the ghosts of the people he lost, his loved ones and so forth. I'd even like to imagine that while he was letting his pessimism take over, he's busy literally digging his own grave in time for his arrival "home"
    MITLM8896on November 14, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationOne of my favorites from Sevendust and it is my favorite song of theirs lyrically speaking. To me this is a song about a couple of things. It's for one, about grasping with a dying belief in the lord, being unsure of what your beliefs are in regards to religion in general and wondering if life will have to come to an before ones true belief or faith will be realized and then it'd be too late. Secondly, I believe this deals in part with depression, the struggle to see the purpose of life in general, seeing as an endless, insufferable journey that undoubtedly leads to death so then what's the point in even continuing as its all a means to an end anyways. I listen to as a cry for help, someone who on one hand can't figure out their beliefs in anything of religious bearing and also on the other hand they can't even find a belief in going on period because life is taking way too long and is depressing with war, terrorism and such (dogs of war) that he wishes life would hurry up and he could just be done with it (contemplating suicide it seems).
    EternalTearsOfSorrowon April 30, 2017   Link

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