"...police are advising everyone to stay clear of alleys and back streets during nighttime hours. as the threat of..."
"...and so far, none of the bodies have been recovered."
"...where this vicious assault has left only blood in a [?] ... and no one knows when or where this [?] will strike again."

I'm always following in your wake
I'm always cleaning up the mess you make
I've got my weapons ready, here we go
It will be over before you know

I'm right behind you in the dead of night
Keeping an eye on everything you trade
You put a tag on everything in sight, but you
Pay no attention to the mess you've made

Hear me on this
I will bring you the end of your world
It's a bedtime story they don't tell the rich
You are all on my watch list and karma-
Well, karma's a bitch

Unseen hands are throwing the dice
Systems crumbling beneath their own weight
Remember, everything has got a price
And every soul has an interest rate
Evaluate the sum of your lies
Put on your business smile and corporationalize
What you brought upon others is coming for you
You'll become what you used to despise

Traffickers of lives and traders of faith
Selling your dead lust across the sea
And once you're free it is all too late
They won't wait for you, but now they'll wait for me

Some blood has been shed, your greed has been fed
As have the imp on your back and the voices in your head
Put your calls on hold and allow me this dance
Reschedule your meetings and cancel your plans

Always tainted, always scarred
Sick of waiting, no holds barred
Judgement fails and morals fade
Cleaning up the mess you made

Stay where you stand
And get choked by that invisible hand
In this corporate hell that will only compel you
To retcon supply and demand

I'll bring you down, on your knees
From the top of the world to despair
I'm the solution, the treatment and you're the disease
I'll be the end of your line
No doubt. Watch out. Beware.

Lyrics submitted by gothic_hobbit, edited by ZenoTasedro, Uskond

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