All my friends said, "Leave without her,
If you care, she won't come back
The way you want."

So peaceably I'll think about her
And every now and then,
My mind sees awful things

Like how your boy, he makes you happy
And smile the brightest smile
Your friends had ever seen

Regretfully, I'll write about her
Every line is me
Pretending I can't see the smile they see

So go tell me and all your friends
You found something that makes you happy
You found a shoulder to rest your head
I'll be gone until tomorrow
Or when this day will end

Drown my excuses, they're getting louder
Shots are fired but don't go down
Without her song

Her empty bedsheets talk about her
So slur a prayer to God
And hope she proves them wrong

I'll leave my conscience with all my friends
I've got a bottle of motivation
And half a notebook to show for it
It took it all to say "I miss you,"
So I'll drink alone instead

"Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you"

All my friends said "Live without her."
But it's my mind - not her -
Who's doing awful things

Because my mind won't forget about her
And after all this time,
She still means everything

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ISNTAYWIST song meanings
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    Song MeaningI will begin by saying there is only one other person in the world who knows what "ISNTAYWIST" stands for, and - at least for now - I plan on keeping it that way.

    Basically, this song details the shitstorm of regret that people experience immediately after a breakup and how our minds are usually our biggest enemies in situations like these. A lot of times, people (me) have the tendency to obsess over someone they've just lost. This amount of stress, coupled with any preexisting anxieties, can cause your mind to paint these awful delusions and scenarios in your head, which can then force you to worry about the situation even more. I've found that with myself, the worst case scenarios are usually the ones that come to mind the easiest.

    There's some intentional ambiguity throughout the song with regards to the existence of another "boy" in the girl's life. Implications are certainly made throughout: "Her empty bedsheets talk about her" (i.e. She's not sleeping in her own bed). However, even in the first verse "Every now and then my mind sees awful things / Like how your boy he makes you happy" it's stated that this is the narrator imagining his own fears. The fear of being replaced by someone else is something that I'm sure everyone struggles with to an extent, and it's the dominant sentiment at play in this song. In essence, the idea of being replaced can do more harm to someone than actually being replaced - due to the constant anxiety that it could be happening at any given moment.

    The entire second verse is sandwiched by lines about drinking to cope with pain. "Shots are fired" is meant to have two meanings: 1) downing liquor "shots" and 2) firing verbal shots (insults) at another person. It's easy to FEEL like you hate someone after he/she breaks your heart, even if you know you don't actually hate them. The end of the second verse concludes with the realization that it took everything - the anxiety, the alcohol, the allowance of hatred, the "half a notebook" (which is a reference to my actual songwriting notebook) - for the narrator to arrive at his pithy admission: "I miss you."

    The bridge is pretty much a direct allusion to the bridge in Taylor Swift's song, "Enchanted" where she sings the same line "Please don't be in love with someone else / Please don't have somebody waiting on you" twice, and harmonizes the second repetition. I recreate it to better fit this song obviously, but from a technical standpoint, the pieces that make up this bridge are nearly a direct mirror to the pieces that made up hers.

    Finally: once again, the theme of holding onto someone who hurts you - whether intentionally or unintentionally - is prevalent. The first half of the outro details this conflict: "All my friends said "Live without her" / But it's my mind - not her - who's doing awful things" One reason many of us choose to hate former lovers is that it makes the process of getting over them and letting go of them more manageable. This line illustrates that, although the right thing may be to let someone go, the painful reality is that we often have to justify doing so ourselves. And even though we wish we could hate some people, sometimes we just can't.
    jbaroniaon August 30, 2014   Link

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