Wintry tree fades to
the sword of our hero.
Sharpen your blade on the
driveway, his is good.
Walk slowly in real time,
then run in slowmo.
Sharpen your feet
on the driveway.
Rogue plate goes inside.
Fight's over, you win.
Just kidding, there were
water ninjas in the river.
Slice a water ninja
turn them into water
later, ninja raindrops
fall on you.
Finally escaped the ninjas...
no you didn't.
They are also in the snow.
Look down, turn, baby, old man,
sheath your swooord!
Burn the flooooor.

Shouldn't he avoid water?

From the producer of The Lord of
baby backpacks
Take 'em to the fair
Someone's grandpa's stuck up there
Hot chick, fade, night,
look at him, reciprocate.
townfolk wonder
why does his hair look so great?

One Warrior
fondling his knapsack
Sword fighting hot chick
you should really ask her out!

Caught between two worlds
Spend all day in the garden
Your girlfriend's getting jealous
The audience is trampled

Ninjas do the waveah!
Angry looking Asian.
Old man with a rifle
Paratrooper ninjas
landing on the rooftops


Townsfolk admire the
Raiden cosplay roof ninjas
Jump off at the same time.
Swing the staff.
This December
Shoulder mounted gatling gun.
Kissing girls makes
spinning stars
To protect a target
Winter ninjas
stab a droplet!
block, swing!

A hero will stand, then run, then stab the ground.
Shotguns aren't tough enough,
scream, horse, load, snipe!
Blow up the fair,
Fair lady with a knife,
Geoffrey Rush
looks down, then he falls down.

Kate Bostworth
looks up, then she jumps up.
Danny Huston
is ugly and he throws girls.
Jang Dong Gun
was probably picked on, now he's a badass!

Mid-air sword fight!
The Warrior's Way
Here's your sheath
They wish you had one earlier
Lot's of guys are comin', but none of them
are tough as HIM!

Lyrics submitted by *OuTbREaK*

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