[Verse 1]
Comin' with the meat cleaver, cut her in the neck, leave her
Put her on the ground like a beaver, see, um
Yeah, I'm comin' to get her, run up and get her with a machete
They comin' to get her without the liver, nigga
With a meat cleaver, leavin' the street bleedin'
He been a heat seeker, nigga, I speak ether
He 'bout to leak feces, wipin' up the streets with him, get 'em (Grr!)
Reminiscent of Waco, take hoes and put 'em in a box, they may chose
I hate 'em, cook 'em in Crisco and I filleted 'em and ate 'em
Filleted 'em and ate 'em, bakin' potatoes
Hot totty, stickin' a fork in a hot body
Hittin' the porch like a botched robbery
Not sorry, I'm the nigga hotter than hot coffee, nigga, shittin' with no potty
Mommy, tell 'em I'm a sicko, psycho, tell 'em I'mma hit the night though
Tell 'em I'm nitro, tell 'em I'mma growl like motorcycle
Wrappin' 'em up like a tight rope (Grr!)
My brain is empty, I can't think, I'm insane, I'm simply
Sick in the head, get in the bed, I'm a murderer
Mannibal, cannibal, niggas really never heard of him

[Hook x3]
He's a meat doctor, put her in the pot, made it hot, then I chopped her
I was floatin' in the air helicopter (Cocaine!)
Put butter in the pot then the hot sauce
Yeah, a lot of mothafuckers wanna talk soft
All shocked when somebody else Glock pop, and they layin' in a box
Mannibalector right up in the grass, Operation Foxtrot

[Verse 2]
Hey, yeah
I'mma get deeper, creepin' up in yo' backyard with a meat cleaver
Either, you and yo wife are 'bout ta get it
Shoelace, choke the neck, coke and ex
It's like open sex, broke the neck
Then I put a body in a back of the Lex
I got a bad habbit (Doin' what?)
Stickin' my dick in a corpse
Rippin' and pickin' a part
Simply gettin' a car
Yeah, nah, better do it, (Grr!) I'mma rip right thru 'em
Cut 'em in half, bloodin' that ass when I chew 'em
Choppin' 'em up then I get a brand new one
And I always love it, I just jack off when I'm thinkin' of it
You better back off I'mma heat the oven
I'm like Jack Frost and my teeth is ugly
You just that soft, but the beef is lovely
Reheat that shit, then I eat that shit
(Then what you do?) Then repeat that shit
Then repeat that shit, then repeat
That shit
Nigga, better let the cops know
I keep more meat than they keep at Costco's
They don't really want it, cookin' 'em up in a pot slow
I'm a mini Roscoe's chicken and waffles

Fuckin' doors locked… Hey! Oh, man, y'all come in. Hey. Hey! Are… Are you sucking your son’s dick!? Bitch you’re sucking your son’s dick! Bitch! You stupid bitch get the fuck out of my house!

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I don't know, fuckin' around and put your brains in bowl
I'mma be comin' with it, insane in the dome
Thinkin' of murdering meat when I came in yo home
Mannibalector, three more dead, got blood on my necklace
These all said, I can eat it for breakfeast
Eat raw lead, then I put it on record
Cut niggas up, sector by sector
Next to her dead: first cousin and nephew
Next to her head, bloody intestines
Next to her bed, other intestines
The rest is history, it ain't shit to me
All I'm thinkin' 'bout is gettin' meat
And I'mma eat
The next day get to creepin' on and I'mma beatin' on 'em
Next day Texas Chainsaw
When I eat yo brains raw
Come around a corner with a chainsaw
Cut some things off
And feed it to the fans while I'm rippin' the stage off
I'm on another page, nigga, rip that page off
Locc to da brain, nigga y'all just ate some
I'm the strangla, I'm like Adolf
Fuckin' around and get yo brains ate off
Cuttin' the town up and then made off

[Hook x3]

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