I can only guess it's just a matter of time,
Until we cross paths at the scene of the crime.
I always try to be prepared, just in case, anyway.
You'd never know it just by looking at me,
How much of a head case I can be,
But the doctors say that it's just something going around.

So, I started taking this medicine.
It kinda makes you feel like you've been jettisoned.
Deserted and destitute, but damned if you throw it away.

That doesn't mean that I'm just falling apart,
It doesn't mean I've got a broken heart,
It simply means that maybe it's a possibility
That you can probably count on a slight chance of instability from me.

So, what I'm trying to say (I think),
Is that I don't think it's that wrong,
To get as close as you can get without you feeling such regret,
That all the effort you put in was for the dogs, for the dogs, for the dogs.
My God, I hope I'm wrong.

Well, I guess that sometimes I get carried away when I strap that small leash on the bull.
Shit, I just don't know what to think of much anything when life gets so stuffy and dull.

'Cause the next one up is just a mulligan for hire,
And the next one up is eating needles and barbed wire,
And pretty soon, there go your goals and your desires,
And that is when they're going to throw your clothes into the fire.

So, pander to the paying. I'm not stating. I'm just saying.
You could dignify a slaying if you'd make a buck or two.
If it's that simple, uneventful, leaves 'em numb and not resentful.
It'd be easier to swallow than to chew.
And so are you. So are you.

You've got to think that maybe something's wrong (shut the fuck up!),
When they start shooting guns and dropping bombs (shut the fuck up!).
There's business at stake and there's still money to make.
There's an industry for everything and everyone's just dying to referee.

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    My InterpretationThis seems to me to be a classic deconstruction of the mental duress resulting from "selling out" in the music business. (For the record, I don't think WMMF sold out... quite the contrary)
    Brian1978on January 08, 2014   Link

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