"Everybody's Got The Right" as written by and Stephen Sondheim....
Hey, pal- feelin' blue?
Don't know what to do?
Hey, pal-
I mean you- Yeah!
C'mere and kill a president.

No job? Cupboard bare?
One room, no one there?
Hey, pal, don't despair-
You wanna shoot a president?
C'mon and shoot a president...

Some guys
Think they can be winners.
First prize often goes to rank beginners.

How much?

Four-fifty. Ivor johnson. .32. Rubber handle.
Owls stamped on the sides.

All right, give me.

Hey, kid, failed your test?
Dream girl unimpressed?
Show her you're the best
If you can shoot a president-

You can get the prize
With the big blue eyes,
Skinny little thighs
And those big blue eyes...

Got the right
To be happy.
Don't stay mad,
Life's not as bad
As it seems.

If you keep your
Goal in sight,
You can climb to
Any height.
Got the right
To their dreams...

I said "deal"
You. Wait your turn.
It is my turn.
I was here first-
Watch it now, no violence!

Hey, fella,
Feel like you're a failure?
Bailiff on your tail? Your
Wife run off for good?
Hey, fella, fell misunderstood?
C'mere and kill a president...


What's-a wrong, boy?
Boss-a treat you crummy?
Trouble with your tummy?
This-a bring you some relief.
Here, give
some hail-a to da chief-

You gimme prize-
Anything you want.
I want prize. You gimme prize!
Only eight bucks. Cheap for "anything you want."

Got the right
To be different
Even though
At times they go
To extremes.
Aim for what you
want a lot-
Gets a shot.
Got a right
To their dreams-

Yo, baby!
Looking for a thrill?
The Ferris Wheel is that way.
No, baby,
This requires skill-
Okay, you want to give it a try...
Jeez, lady-!
Give the guy some room!
The bumper cars are that way..
Please, lady-
Don't forget that guns can go boom...

Hey, gang,
Look who's here.
There's our
Hey, chief.
Lound and clear:

Got the right
To be happy.
Say, "Enough!"
It's not as tough
As it seems.

Don't be scared
You won't prevail,
Free to fail,
No one can be put in jail
For their dreams.

Free country-!
-Means your dreams can come true:
Be a scholar-
Make a dollar-

Free country-!
-Means they'll listen to you:
Scream and holler-
Grab 'em by the collar!

Free country-!
-Means you dont have to sit-
That's it!
-And put up with the shit.

Got the right
To some sun shine-


Not the sun
But maybe one
Of its beams.
One of its beams.
Rich man, poor man
Black or white,
pick your apple,
Take a bite,
Just hold tight
To your dreams.
Got the right
To their dreams...

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