Maman Neigho was frightened by Hawaiians,
When all the veins ran out.

When too much bone structure went missing,
She thumbed the galleon Cacafuego.

Forsook the eyebrows climbing
Into greasy black hairlines.
Narcrotic leis,
Yanked down around the melianomed ankles.

Their putrid petals dropping,
Erasing the white shoes,

Like a face being eaten
By a jungle.

Slabs of steam tables
Whiffing of onions and roses.
Haunted Jacuzzis churning.

All night the native bods squealing Bflat,
Like choirs of pigs
Seeking revenge for stolen insulin.


That's how we copped a final,
Reached this city without sound.

Everywhere you turn,
Bunkers of rubber hoses pronging
Off the city's floor.


Don't step on that rotting tartare.

Just might bust your conk.

Might lay your racket.

Early black ickaroo.

It's dense. Tense.

Unseen through, pound for pound.

All the people, on the corners,
Pushing each other around.

Humping like buggers.
Touching like muggers.

Pushing each other around.

Adepocere in a zoot,

Ballooning down the street.

Thousand kilos simpy.
Forty stone send.

Tips his skypiece,
Come to weigh me up.

But I'm toned.
Gut bucket.

Ground grippers ready to trilly.

Layin' down iron.
Togged to the bricks...

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Let's add a little shade.
Try something apart from the hogshair.

While Pope Julius affects his red slippers,
Let Michelangelo tip-toe around
In his dogskin boots.


The powder on a chalky bosom rises
And hangs in the air.

Clouds crawling through protracted blue,
Like souls of insects.

From threshing haze,
The scent of spider lilies.

Sam P's
Bagged decapitation rotates
To the ocean floor,

It's nostrils
Are twitching and sniffing.

Gabriel's, gravy,
Got your glasses on,

There's some mezz glimmers,
A gammon V8.

Twisters in the slammer.
Frisking their whiskers,

Till peola dim,
On the chime of black.

It's dense. Tense.

Unseen through, pound for pound.

Scratch and Jesus, on the corner,
Pushing each other around.

Shoving like sluggers.
Touching like muggers.

Pushing each other around.

Snapping their caps.
Slidin' their jibs.

Lampin' the brees.
Drapin' the trees.

Oops, pardon the elbow.

Lets just shift you over here.

I'm so clumsy.

Take that accidently in the bollocks for a start.

Seven brights jumped in port,
Reached this city without sound.

Kopasetic, on the corners,
Pushing each other around.

Everybody on the corners,
Pushing each other around.

Joe below,
Hincty dicty.
Slipped the pounders.
Fews and two.

Knock me.
Boot me,

Down in the land of darkness.

Sweet Leilani,
Heavenly flower

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    General CommentGosh I wouldn't know where to start with this one. All I know is that "Haunted Jacuzzis" is brilliant, and that an Epizootic is much the same as an epidemic but affecting the animal kingdom... But in any case it seems to be more about beauty becoming putrified and the inevitable union of what is pure with what is gross and base, than simply a horror show. Definitely watch the video if you haven't. Even after watching a lot of horror inspired music videos recently (Demdike Stare, Gaslamp Killer) I think this one still gets the (maggot covered) rosette for most terrifying. I love how SW uses sparseness to make the mood heavy--something I've tried to learn from--listen to my track "Nothing Stirring"…
    BerBezulaon May 18, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song, without question, is about abusing heroin. Scott Walker’s lyrics are always indecipherable, but it’s not a coincidence that he mentions the phrases “when all the veins ran out”, “narcrotic”, “insulin”, “pushing on the corner”, “kilos”, “powder”, “twitching”, “boot me”, “bricks”, etc. “epizootics” itself is a term to describe an epidemic affecting and destroying animals, which could not possibly be a more apt description of today’s opiate crisis. Both the song, and even more so the video, are a guide through a heroin trip. A calm beginning, peaceful feelings, nonsensical thoughts, then suddenly the drum/heart beating mercilessly, complete ranges of emotions and random, insane thoughts/lyrics. Without lecturing the listener, it is a remarkable warning about becoming an animal who contracts this “disease”. Walker brilliantly commingles historical events into his brutal lessons, “the galleon cacafuego”, uses words that don’t exist like “melianomed” and “narcrotic”, and creates a confusing, haunting, tormenting video that is naturally shot in black and white. This is the best song he has ever written and he does not want anyone to ever enjoy it. And none of us will
    imnooneon October 18, 2017   Link

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