In darkness we do what we can,
In daylight we're oblivion.
Our hearts so raw and clear
Are turning away, turning away from here.

On the water we have walked like a fearless child.
What was fastened we've unlocked revealing wondrous wild.
And in search of confirmation we have jumped into the fire,
And scrambled without burden, free through uncontrolled desire.


There's a well upon a hill from our ancient past
Where an age is standing still, holding strong and fast.
And there's those that try to tame it, and to carve it into stone,
Ah but words cannot extinguish it however hard they're thrown.


By Lough Heathéd they have worked with their Highland dream.
By Kilkrennin they have nourished in the mountain streams.
And in searching for acceptance, they have given it away.
Only the children of our children know the price they had to pay.

[Chorus x3]
Are turning away, turning away from here___.

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    My InterpretationThe core message of this song seems to be that people have given up their traditional way of living.

    The first couplet of the first verse invokes images of discovery and exploration. We have gone places and learned things far beyond our humble beginnings, revealing both new frontiers and a possible brighter tomorrow (the "wondrous wild"). However, the third line implies that we're trying to advance too quickly, and that the path we're on is mistaken. The fourth line reinforces this: we are "without burden" in the sense of being innocent and driven only by our "uncontrolled desire."

    The second verse leads with a well on a hill, which is a symbol of wisdom. The well is from "our ancient past," so it represents the knowledge and traditions of the old ways. The second line indicates that the knowledge has not been lost, it is simply waiting to be rediscovered. The final couplet of the second verse claims the old ways cannot be simply defined, nor can they be destroyed by logic and labels.

    I'm not familiar with the areas mentioned in the third verse, but the intent is clear. Searching for the acceptance of modern society, people have given up the old ways, and the enormity of the loss will not be clear for generations.

    The chorus echos the third line of the third verse: people are doing what they can for the old ways in private (in darkness), but ignoring or disdaining them publicly (in daylight). The second half of the chorus further laments that people are turning their back on tradition.
    rampagingpoeton February 25, 2014   Link

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