What happened to my brother
The life in his eyes
Did something shake his brain
On that long bus ride?

What happened to my brother
Swear he had my mother's face
What I'd give to find him
Hold him in a long embrace.

What happened to his body
Why's he look so white and empty?
When he shows up at my door
Just don't know him.

Used to sit and talk for days
Now he lays there in a haze
'Till some tiny little nothing
Triggers psychotic eruption

What happens when he's sleepin'
Why's he wake up cryin' and screamin'
Knockin' into walls and runnin'
Like hungry animals are comin'

To gnaw his bones, lap up his blood
From a ditch bank in the mud
Leave his scarecrow in the sticks
For the black birds

And the blue jays to pick
For the nature to encroach
For the wanderers to approach
For the snow and autumn leaves
To be buried underneath
For the rivers to rise
Wash him out into the tides

What happened to my brother
Used to have his pick of lovers
A whole array of pretty ones
My brother was a silver son

A heavyweight
A head boy
A frontman, a waterfall
A stoic prince
Not the second
But the first violin

So forget the viola
So forget the cello
So forget the violin
He's up, he's up, he's up in his room
Gone solo

He used to dazzle us
Leave a trail of magic dust
At the end of every joke
We would laugh so hard we'd choke

He could turn over a stone
Find an endless swell of poems
Used to bring the sweetest gifts
We went to him to be uplifted

For inspiration, friendship
We needed love, we needed tips
Oh how I miss, how I miss
My brother I miss

You ask me what's he do
He swallows reds, he swallows blues
Stares off in the night sky
You ask me what's he do

So forget the viola
So forget the cello
So forget the violin
He's up, he's up, he's up there
Laying low

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    My InterpretationNot necessarily the correct lyrics but I thought I'd submit a few suggestions as to what might be the correct lyrics.

    On that long bus ride*

    Knockin' in the walls and runnin'*

    Turn all his bones, I pump his blood*

    Leave his scarecrow in the sticks*

    And that blue jays to pick*

    A heavyweight, A head boy*

    A frontman, A waterfall*

    A stoic prince*

    Not the second, but the first violin*

    We went to him to be uplifted*

    We needed love, we needed tips*
    breakalimeon February 22, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI have a feeling that the song is based on a 2009 movie of the same name about a kid that discovers his older brother whom he idolizes has attempted suicide and is now mentally challeneged.
    xymoxkidon January 18, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song sounds like it's about PTSD. It's singular in it's ability to make me feel depressed as hell whenever I hear it.
    ash1179886on March 04, 2015   Link

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