"In Awe Of" as written by Johannes Sven Persson, Fredrik Carl Ronnie Kihlberg, Erik Nils Johan Olofsson, Anders Sven Teglund, Andreas Olov Johansson, Magnus Vilhelm Lindberg and Thomas Carl Chaminda Hedlund....
At the edge, looking up
Shifting focus onto a majestic void
Leaving myself open to let go
Drift along and disappear.

I listen when you sing. Astral resonance rings
My gaze ascends, never ends. Numbness strikes like fever

Whispers generate waves
I can't heed them all

On my knees, mesmerized
In awe of, solarised
Acceptance before I return to the stars

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    My Interpretation[My interpretation is fairly different from the intended, I'm sure, but I haven't deciphered the whole album, yet, so I interpreted this as a stand alone track.]

    When I'm listening to this track I always picture an astronaut cut off from everything, floating in space with the Earth in the background. They are drawn to the void of space by an unexplainable force, that whispers to them (like a unitologist being drawn there by a marker). This calling can only be heard by them as they are the only ones who 'listen when it sings'. They hears a lot of whispers from the same source at the same time, and 'can't heed them all'. They left the Earth, and finally shifted their focus to the 'majestic void' ie. which always remind me of nebulae and constellations. The whole soundscape of the track bears a sense of finality, which connects perfectly with the astronaut theme, in my opinion. A few lines made me think that when they are out there, they open their spacesuit, to give themself to space, as 'Leaving myself open to let go' could suggest. In which case the astronaut would die and then 'Drift along and disappear'. In the end they accept their fate; they are - metaphorically - on their knees, but still they are mesmerized by the force that has drawn them there. They accept this fate and return to the stars just as every atom in the universe. They are born in the furnace of stars and that is their last destination too.
    obsoicon February 18, 2014   Link

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