While you read to me from the riot act way on high, high.
Clutching a crisp new testament, breathing fire, fire,
Will you save me the fake benevolence, I don't have time,
I'm just too far gone for a telling, lost my pride.

I don't mind being lonely,
So leave me alone.
Ah you're acting all holy,
Me, I'm just full of holes.

Well I could dip my head in the river, cleanse my soul,
I'll still have the stomach of a sinner, face like an un-holy ghost,
Will you save me all the soliloquies, paid my fines,
I'll be gone before my deliverance, preach what you like.

'Cos I don't mind being lonely,
So leave me alone.
You're acting all holy,
Me, I'm just full of holes.
Full of holes.

Don't mind being lonely,
So spare me the brimstone.
Acting all holy,
When you know I'm full of holes.
Don't mind being lonely,
Don't need to be told.
Stop acting so holy,
I know I'm full of holes.
Full of holes.

I don't mind being lonely,
Won't you leave me alone?
Oh you're oh so holy,
And I'll never be good enough.
Don't care if I'm lonely,
'Cos it feels like home.
And I'll never be holy,
Thank God I'm full of holes,
Full of holes.

Lyrics submitted by mariri, edited by simpep, virtuallypainless

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    General CommentA somewhat rebellious rejection of religion and evangelic preachers.
    Cyberghoston March 15, 2013   Link
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    General CommentTo me its about a guy who has given up on love, while people constantly tells him to find a partner. They are acting all holy, tells him about the greatness of marriage, and try to pressure him. But he knows he is broken, 'full of holes', 'not good enough', so he is not ready. Loneliness has felt like home and he is glad he's single and not like them, sucked in relationships. Btw: I love the slow alternate version of this song!
    JianniBon April 03, 2013   Link
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    General Commentdoesn't necessary have to be a religious song in the common sence.
    maybe he uses it as a metaphor.
    telling someone or a group of people, that he doesn't wanna act as if he is all perfect and "holy".
    he doesn't want to "preach" to other people, as in telling them what to do better and what is best for them.
    he accepts who he is and stands by it. minding his own business in that subject. ...but annoyed with the people who have to act like they're holy and know everything better.
    LarryRainon October 07, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about two people in a relationship, as are many FR songs. He's talking about how someone wants these things (new testament) and is being 'nice' to get them (fake benevolence). Because he's still in this shit of a relationship, he's lost his pride.
    He wants to be alone, and is cynically saying that everything he does is wrong whilst everything his partner does is perfect and holy.
    Regardless of what he does, however, he will always have this part of him that is "a sinner" and he can't escape this, but he still wants to get out, despite how damaged he is.
    He wants to be "spared the brimstone" and doesn't want to kick up a fuss, he just wants out and to be alone and happy for a while.
    jpecimageon March 17, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationThe lyrics reminds me of an uncle approaching me at my cousin's wedding inquiring as to why I haven't gotten married yet, and why my sisters haven't married yet either? He's quite certain there is something wrong with us, and we must be "bad catholics" for it. When honestly, it's none of his business or concern. I know I am not perfect, but nor is he. Have I made some "bad decisions?"... definitely. But we should be able to make our own choices in life for our own reasons. And maybe it's not conforming to what others might expect of us - or what our religion might expect - but life's short and ultimately we should do what makes us happy.
    Lisaskywalkeron November 06, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationThe song speaks to me on a personal level too. I'm in a long term relationship and I'm perfectly happy with my life, but I love nothing more than spending time on my own, I treasure being with myself. People seem to find it so strange.

    "Don't care if I'm lonely, 'Cos it feels like home." - that about sums it up. I never feel more popular than when I'm alone.

    I know it's strictly not official meaning, but it speaks to me in that way.
    tommyhaychon December 06, 2013   Link

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