"Grace for Saints and Ramblers" as written by and Samuel Ervin Beam....
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I

There were banged up hands stealing first base
Underneath the tables so we never sang grace
Falling out of bed for the workday week
There was kissing in the cracks of the flash flood streets
There were button blossoms and merry Johnny Rotten
Chewed up and swallowed by the profit they were trying to follow
Bit too green and we paid no tax on our quick romantic cul de sac

But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I

There were washed out cars in our bark-old clothes
They were rubbing on each other rubbing ghost on ghost
There were jonesed-up punks and Jesus freaks
Weaving in and out of trouble wrapping round and round a leash
There were sleepless dreamers, blues day preachers
The message and the messenger, gum beneath the register
The sweet gum tree by the dug dunk tank
We could never give enough to the bad-luck bank
There were hopeless sinners, sweepstake winners
They danced with the farmer’s daughter, capered with the corporate lawyers

But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I

There was laughing in the night, sugar in the shade
There were back stab handshakes made on faith
We were never out of time and we never entertained
Anybody said out of habit that the wind was going to change
There were restless misfits, teething biscuits
Bodies full of penny wishes, parties full of pretty dishes
Side by side with the birds and bees
And we never sang grace and never ever took a knee
With the saints and ramblers, movie star handlers
High above the aviary, underneath the cemetery
And we never wondered why, 'cause the sun was in our eyes
There was seed for the field, there was grease for the wheel
We were drinking with the luminaries, eating with the visionaries

But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I
But it all came down to you and I

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"Grace for Saints and Ramblers" as written by Samuel Ervin Beam

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Grace for Saints and Ramblers song meanings
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    My InterpretationTo me this is a song about the small things. The beauties and joys in life that we see or that we make for ourselves. There are no great, romantic, holy, sweeping gestures. There are no infallible miracles.

    Instead, the great holiness or magic of the world is made up of the small pleasures and joys we find. There are good things and bad - this whole song is made up of contradictions - but they balance out, in that both can happen to the pious or the irreligious.
    shortcruston April 17, 2013   Link
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    General CommentWhat a lovely song.

    But I wonder how much my enjoyment of the song will be negatively affected now that I realized that the chorus is grammatically incorrect. It should be "But it all came down to you and me."

    The simple trick to see that it's wrong is to the remove the "You and" from the preposition... No one would say "It came down to I".

    Oh well. It's one in a long line of good songs with bad grammar, including more than a few that make this same mistake... but I'm not sure there's ever been a song where it's repeated so many times.
    SpasticMinnowon July 08, 2013   Link
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    Link(s)I love this song -- and made a few changes to the lyrics based on the clearest version I could find, which is posted on vimeo here: vimeo.com/….
    xtnjohnsonon December 12, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionSolo acoustic versions of this song, like the one xtnjohnson posted, do make the lyrics a lot clearer, and as such, I posted another correction.

    Aside from formatting everything by verse for easier readability, I only changed one word, such that "parties full of pretty fishes" becomes "potties full of pretty fishes". In addition to simply sounding more like what he is singing, it also makes more sense in context (parties don't tend to contain fish, but where do you put them when they die?), and this isn't the first instance of his using the word "potty" in a song (see "Tree by the River"), so it wouldn't be out of place in his songwriting.
    sirwilliferon March 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI feel that this song is a sort of call and response between "the saint" and "the rambler." I feel like the saint would say "But it all came down to you and I" and the rambler would... well... ramble. Great song
    GalenMarekon May 17, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe gun beneath the register
    jed kingstonon October 23, 2017   Link

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