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Now I see you, trouble.
It's coming up ahead.
Black dogs running, through the fields.
They're dripping red.

The world is quiet.
There is nothing left unsaid.
A million image, million capture, million dead.

And all the birds fall out of the sky in two by two's.
And my teeth fall out my head into the snow.

I am you now.
And you are me instead.
Then I see there is blood on your wedding dress.

And all of the old walk down and I'm feeling unsure.
When I'm sleeping in my own place.
I'm not home.

It is perfect.
It is beautiful and still.
And it is silent.
It is white and it is good.

And all by the fooling round with daisy chains on our heads.
It is coming now, my friend.
And it's the end...

Lyrics submitted by fergo93

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    General CommentI met Yannis after the Rough Trade session they did when on the day of the Holy Fire release, and he said it was inspired by the opening shots of "Melancholia" by Lars von Trier
    JulietteMon February 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the end of the world.

    Moon' was two movements. The first bit was describing the end of the world and the destruction of your body an everything disintegrating and entropy… it's acceptance, a beautiful type of destruction, you're in a pacific state with no resentment or sorrow To me 'Moon' is like a film scene, you're walking and everything is collapsing around you, there are birds falling out of the sky and your teeth are falling out and everything is disintegrating into slurry. At the end there's a white light and you're accepting, and it's beautiful and still. Your fate is ineluctable, so you are, and you're content with it. In other songs there's a want for forgiveness in a lot of the tracks, or guilt or shame. There's a power behind those emotions that there isn't if you're just talking about more prosaic things.
    GeoHallon February 10, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningYannis had a relationship with a girl in Oxford called Selvi May - his nick name for her was 'Moon'.

    For years they were friends and lovers, they now no longer speak.
    VVLHon June 17, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song describes knowing that the end, or some type of catastrophe is coming- he sees it before it arrives, and although he does, he still isn't necessarily ready for the type of horrific experience he has to go through. It's a post apocalyptic myriad of images, and it certainly means the end of a relationship, specifically a break up, (in my opinion

    The separation of two people is sometimes like the "end of the world", so to speak, but he does endure it, and as he goes through it. His outlook changes. He was the one dumped, but now he is her, and she is where he is. She wants to get back together, but he sees nothing but destruction. He even mentions that when he is home (assuming the home they share) it is not his home anymore and he has evolved.

    Then he comes upon a post apocalyptic world, where everything is clear and beautiful and his life has basically restarted. Life has started again. It's horrible to endure, but there is a new beginning after, and that's why he believes it is white and "it is good." (sidenote: this phrase is used in Genesis, in the Bible, when God creates a new world; "it is good")

    So, he completes the song by going back to his first vision- the apocalyptic hell is about to begin, the end is coming, but it is alright. He refers to her as his "friend", which is synonymous of his new beginning without her as a wife/girlfriend, but still as an important part of his life. (sidenote: in the Middle Ages, daisy chains were thought to ward off death) The end is unavoidable, but not final.
    missgrace2on February 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentUses the apocalypse to describe the end of a relationship
    Fly1986on August 11, 2013   Link
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    General Commentend of life, when everything become irrelevant and not important.
    Very last moments before last breath. Foals just nailed it.
    Border between two worlds, colors changing from black grey and red to white and perfect. Just how it should be. Got little hint of the fear of being alone in refferences to the bride's dress and feelings of the lost home, but it's more like accepting it and moving on. How deep and sincere!
    J0marton August 17, 2013   Link

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