"Sex" as written by and Ross Stewart/hann Macdonald....
And this is how it starts
You take your shoes off in the back of my van
My shirt looks so good
When it's just hanging off your back
And she said use your hands and my spare time
We've got one thing in common it's this tongue of mine
She said she's got a boyfriend anyway

There's only minutes before I drop you off
And all we seem to do it talk about sex
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
I love your friend when I saw his film
He's got a funny face but I like that because he still looks cool
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway

Now we are on the bed in my room
And I'm about to fill his shoes
But you say no
But do you say no
Does he take care of you
Or could I easily fill his shoes
Do you say no
Do you say no

And now we're just outside of town
And you're making your way down
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
And I'm not trying to stop you love
But if we're gonna do anything we might as well just fuck
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway

You've got your tongue pierced anyway
You in your hightops anyway
You in your skinny jeans anyway
You and your fit friends anyway
I'd take them all out any day
They've all got back combs anyway
You've all got boyfriends anyway

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"Sex" as written by Adam Hann Ross Macdonald

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Sex song meanings
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    General CommentI think its about sex
    ukcatsfan3on March 07, 2013   Link
  • +13
    General CommentAnyone who thinks the guy is a douche in this song is a complete idiot. The song is about him being with a girl who has a boyfriend and is only using him for sex. He wants to build a relationship and connect with the girl but all she wants is casual sex (whilst dating another guy I might add). Then when he's about to have sex with her, she says no, so basically she led him on the entire time only to crush his dreams.
    azbn96on October 14, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningMatt described this song as being about "Your typical, prudish seventeen year old girl who doesn't know what she wants." He also said it's labeled as very brash, but he intended it to be very romantic. Essentially it's about wanting sex or connection from a girl when they can't make up their mind about it, pretty romantic if you ask me. I love the anthemic feel of it
    laserzzon April 29, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me, this song symbolizes a specific situation. I think Matt is singing about a guy who is longing for something more than just sex with this girl. Ironically, all they "seem to do is talk about sex." At the end of the song, it truly begins to express how frustrated he is that he couldn't feel anything with her. "They've all got back combs anyway, you've all got boyfriends anyway"---all of these girls are the same to him, and he's just looking for something different; something more than SEX.
    dsrm_smileon June 09, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's about his ex girlfriend.
    He said this on the TDCC concert in Hamburg early 2013.
    So I'd say she cheated on him.
    wilkywayon April 14, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningWell. Since no one else has commented, I'm going to put forward three possibilities for the lyrics: "I love your friend when I saw his film, He's got a funny face but I like that because he still looks cool"

    1. He means that her boyfriend has a funny face but didn't have enough space in the song to add the extra syllable, hence "I liked your friend ..."

    2. Its from an actual and specific situation that he has personally experienced and so listeners will not be able to relate to this part of the song in the same way that they can with the rest of the song

    3. It highlights that he wants to impress her by showing that he likes everything about her, even her friend with the funny face.

    None of these explanations seem quite right but it's all I can think of so far.
    Jenezzyon September 06, 2013   Link
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    MemoryI've been in the same position. It's so frustrating to want someone who you can't have.
    alejandramoson March 28, 2013   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about a guy thats having sex with a girl that has a boyfriend.
    and the guy really likes the girl and shes only in it for sex.

    "the only thing we have in common is this tongue of mine" i think the girl is saying they nothing in common except sexual things...

    the guy wants to fill the boyfriends shpes because hes saying hes better than the boyfriend and will treat her better but shes telling him no because she still wants to be with her boyfriend
    kmT87on September 30, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI have a slightly different interpretation that I haven't really seen discussed on here. The song is about sex, yes, but its about doing everything except fucking. Here, I'll explain my thoughts.

    So the first stanza is talking about making out in the back of this guy's van. It says she wants him to use his hands and his tongue being shared which is, to me, probably indicative of french kissing or oral sex.

    He's dropping her off afterward and all they talk about is sex and, like most everyone else, I have no clue about the friend in the film. Maybe it just them talking about a movie they saw that night, IDK.

    The next part is them in the guy's room and he's "about to fill his shoes" which I take as a euphemism for having sex, the full on intercourse, and she says no. They've done this other stuff, but she says now, she's got a boyfriend. I think that "filling his shoes" works as a metaphor for having sex with her and also filling his shoes as a boyfriend. As others have said he does want to be more than just her make out buddy and sex, to her, signifies a step beyond just casual making out our mouth stuff.

    Then on to another time (I'm guessing) and she's making her way down, to blow him, and he's thinking, well shit if we're going to do all this, we might as well just fuck, but she considers the full on fucking as crossing the line between what she's willing to do as long as she has a boyfriend, and also there is this level of commitment that goes along with it for her that she's not willing to give him. Which is why he mentions her pierced tongue in the very next line as she's using it on him.

    After that he's saying he would date her or her friends and be their boyfriend, but they've already got boyfriends and they're basically indecisive girls.

    I can't really put my finger on why this song is so good, but there's this sense of real youthful sexual frustration mixed with loneliness and the longing for something greater than what someone is willing to give. There's a lot of sadness and unrequited desire going on which is easily identifiable with anyone who's ever had a crush or been in a friend zone. It's quite nice to me because I feel like what could be a relatively shallow song has an underlying depth of feeling.
    jankouton September 29, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI don't get why he's singing about her friend with a funny face. Any ideas?
    Jenezzyon August 30, 2013   Link

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