I just wanna dedicate this song
To the people who couldn’t make it to my shows
Who fam emergencies, to putting bottles on the stoves
See y’all the reason why I stayed up on my toes
And I’ma keep goin’ till it’s time for me to go
Six feet
Everything fell through
Lift seat
A lotta people hit rock bottom
Fish deep
‘Member back when my momma was telling me to get sleep
Spittin’ ya favorite rappers rhymes
Tryin’a lip-sync
I can’t explain how I’m so well connected
I can’t explain why I’m the only one selected
Whatever you feel– it’s not what I’d expected
VCR demo– play, stop, then reject it
Located the obvious, then focus on the hidden
Whatever I experienced is what’s written
Whatever I experienced is what’s givin’
Now they questioning me: How you livin’?
Change the channel for a different mood
Some of y’all don’t take the time to see what different do
Experience the outcome
I’m looking forward to a different you

I’m missin’ you
Tell me why the road turns

My Grandmama ain’t get to see the world
Nor the things that came with it
But I just wanna tell you that your grandson did it
So the stories I mention, I can say I actually lived it
I never said goodbye
This is my last visit
All your daughters are doing fine
Of course they have they days where they wish they could resign
First comes the pain, then they act out of line
Don’t get out of line, your running out of time
This goes out to the ones who went missin’
Whoever’s missing someone that’s so at a distance
It ain’t you, you know a person– uplift them,
If they don’t need liftin’, just shift them
Give it up for the stars then put them on the poster
Let the picture hang right over the sofa
Cause love is what’s to gain
Welcome to the game

I’m missin’ you
Tell me why the road turns

This is the last verse
Closer to the end
Always felt that the end was the only trend
I never fail; I always win
They always fail cause they pretend
Eyes open the skies, out in the open
Like lies
But they only put them out to be broken
They in motion
But you’re standing still
Like the artificial parts of a woman for the appeal
Risk it all– everything I cared about
But most importantly, I’m happy you can hear me out
And I don’t care about your whereabouts
All that negative stuff in your head:
You can clear it out
A big up to those who upgraded
Especially all the ones whose luck made it
My life in the making
And I perform till the lights fade in

I’m missin’ you
Tell me why the road turns

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you
Everything we ever did, everything we ever had
Is all memories now
And everything you done for me–
I appreciate it, and I thank you
I thank you

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