I've got something to get off my chest
With my coffee shop talk and my beatnik breath
Drunk poets preaching on the rain-soaked street
While the ants go marching to the rat race beat
Gasoline dream are filling the sky
Everybody's high

Everybody wants and everybody needs
Everybody's filled with two tons of greed
Everybody lives and everybody loves
Nobody wants to put on the gloves
Everybody lives and everybody dies
Everybody's high

Everybody's rich and everybody's poor
Everyone's a saint and everyone's a whore
Everybody's black and everybody's white
Nobody's wrong and everybody's right
Everybody wears an ugly disguise
Everybody's high

Everybody's here and everybody's there
Everyone's concerned but nobody cares
Everybody's young and everybody's old
Everybody bets and everybody folds
Everybody laughs and everybody cries
Everybody's high

Some like Lennon, some like Cobain
A bullet took one, the other put it in his brain
Some take a pill, some take a train
Spotting freaks in the gutter putting needles in their vein
Everybody's looking for a new way to die
Everybody's high

Everybody run, everybody run
Everybody's got a gun, got a gun, everybody's got a gun
Brother kills brother
Man kills man
Disposable heroes of the promised land
Everybody lifts the dead to the sky
Everybody's high

Everyone's behind and everyone's ahead
Everybody's going as the light is turning red
Some cheat life, some cheat death
Some have the smell of money on their breath
Everybody's working for the dollar sign
Everybody's high

Everybody tries and everybody fails
See you later sucker, the check's in the mail
Everybody bends and everybody breaks
Everybody knows the risks that they take
Everybody's true and everybody lies
Everybody's high

Everyone's a boy, everyone's a girl
Everybody's living in a fucked up world
Me, I'm making thought out of fools in the rain
With a cup of hot java shooting caffeine in my brain
First I laugh and then I sigh
Everybody's high

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