(Ok, lets roll it boys)
Oooohh Ahhh.

Christine its too late for a spin.
You're trapped inside your mind like a bottled up Jinn.
I saw your headlights shining on my front porch
I stood behind the door just a shadow.

And you're calling, you're calling but nobody's home now
we're walking in shadows.

Christine, I'm walking through these walls.
just to get to you and feel your shattered soul.
I see you at a table with some cards.
speaking in your tongues so paranoid.

And I'm breaking, I'm breaking up inside
I'm walking with ghosts now.

I'm shaking, I'm shaking just like a lullaby
Cause I'm walking with ghosts now.

(I said I'm here)
I never said the words I meant or anything like them (for you no matter what)
Our time was cut and you were left without a life line.(The cost but I lied)
You set adrift away from me, and I can see your horizons. (yeah, I lied)
It's dead light, and overcast, and not aligning.

As the life I once had flashed before my eyes
in my car with you on a rainy night.
Christine at my side and your hands held high
screaming out my name as we collide.

And you take me, you take me in your arms now,
'Cause we're walking with ghosts now.

And you're shaking, you're shaking just like a lullaby
Cause we're walking with ghosts now.

(Where you gonna go?)

Christine they're standing on your grave (Couldn't let it, couldn't let it go)
trying to understand what they couldn't save.
It's some Shakespearean good old tragedy (They couldn't let it, they couldn't let it go.)
and we're walking with ghosts now...

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Walking Through Walls (Just To Get to You) song meanings
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    My InterpretationThis song is the story of a young person who tragically dies young. They linger on earth as a ghost that watches over their soul mate. The soul mate, "Christine", ultimately commits suicide because she is lonely, depressed, and scared. The end of the song describes the event as a "tragedy", but immediately alludes to the couple being reunited as ghosts together.

    I think the narrator of the song is an allusion to Christ. The narrator's time is cut short (Christ died at 33), the narrator walks in shadows (Christ is often described as being capable of becoming invisible in the gospels), the narrator walks through walls (Christ did the same in the gospels), and the narrator is capable of feeling a soul that's been shattered (implies omniscience). Additionally, I think that Christine is an allusion to followers of Christ (Christians). Christine does misguided things (consulting mediums) that ultimately don't align with what her lover would want for her. This ultimately leads to her self destruction, but in the end reunites her with her lover.

    I think this song has many Gnostic themes. One being a sexually active Christ. The lyric "Screaming out my name as we collide" is a heavy sexual innuendo. It also implies that Christ didn't live a sinless life ("yeah I lied" explains the inconsistencies between gospel accounts), but was released from physical imprisonment and waits for others to do the same. In the meantime, he watches over his "church" until it joins him in the afterlife.
    McThuggin2011on February 12, 2017   Link

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