Just to want it,
And not to need it,
Makes me let it go.
But then you let me in,
And I don't want it.
But you made me believe it.
So do I really? Do I really?

If you could you keep it together
For a moment in time?
Then you'd see that I can't be,
Your excuse for a lover.
Your own mountain to climb.
You would see.

I left my shoes under your bed,
but I left my body outside.
How could I get back into this mess?
I kept telling myself the temptations would do me in,
And they did.

If you could you keep it together
For a moment in time?
Then you'd see that I can't be,
Your excuse for a lover,
A steep mountain to climb.
You would see.

And I think I see this happening again
From my lonely point of view
See every time that I'm with you
I think this will happen again.

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    General CommentIt seems like a man keeps falling in love with or sleeping with a woman even though he doesn't believe he is good for her.
    Morikahon November 30, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe this song is about a man who met a girl that he had reluctantly began to fancy. And she is an open book, but desires to see the true nature of the man. So she attempts to break his shell open, tries to get a glimpse of the real him, because she cares enough to want to help him. But the man is resisting her, insisting that he's not "her own mountain the climb" and that he doesn't need someone trying to figure him out. On the inside, he's facing an internal battle as to whether he should let her in and show her the scary and possibly repelling side of him, or to keep everything to himself. Even though he's convinced he's not good for her, he can't resist being with her in some way is the only thing he's sure of.
    GothicLiton September 08, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI could be be far off base, but this reminds me so much of my last relationship:
    My partner was lonely and i was convenient at the time; they couldn't fall in love with me despite trying because i was desperately in love with them. It made them in turn feel guilty for not being able to reciprocate, but i kept pulling them back in with the hope that i could conquer them with love.

    Very sad on all accounts.
    Rakkomaon November 28, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationOk, so here's my interpretation of the song-- I see this from two perspectives. Two people that don't normally open up are in a relationship. But A feels like B may be the person they actually open up for. B is still closed off:

    Person A-- likes person B a lot but doesn't trust person B and B doesn't trust A either. A is trying to remain coolheaded about everything, but can't stand that although B doesn't want anything serious, it doesn't stop him from being sweet and romantic when they're together. Only when they're together though. A starts to open up but then B pulls away. So A is in this constant internal battle like "I want you, no I don't. I need you, no I don't. Just let me in! No don't. Alright, at least get it together. You can't just use me as an excuse for your "lover/ romantic booty call" until you figure all your baggage out. Wait, yes you can. Because I crave your touch when it's not there... so I guess I'll be back."

    Person B-- Hates that he relies on A for physical pleasure and feels very connected when they're together but not when they're apart (out of sight, out of mind) until that temptation rises up again. Sees that A is falling for him but doesn't want it and because B knows that A doesn't open up easily, assumes that she's just tired of failed relationships so is fine with settling for him. So B is like "I do like you. But I don't want to. And not like that anyway. Besides, you can't use me as an excuse for your "lover/ prince charming", that's not me. Damn it, we can't do this anymore... But I do need your warmth occasionally, so I'll be back"
    howdidwegethereon June 30, 2017   Link

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