"Halloween" as written by and Brian Fallon....
Sympathy, this is my best disguise.
My skin stepped out for my bones to dry up
For the rest of the world outside to see.
You see I, bleed on the side.
It's a part time thing, a private affair.
I try to keep it out of the light.

I must confess, I didn't recognize you tonight
Dressed up like my love.
And I hate these things but I always attend
A little sip of something to take off the edge
And I make my way through the ghosts in the room
Trying to crack a smile

And who are you supposed to be?
You look like heaven tonight
Me, I'm a tomb, a corpse in a suit,
Trying to look a little alive
Are you alright?
'Cause I worry sometimes
Are you dressed up to take my life?

Keep it coming, keep it coming.

Well I think I saw you for the flash of a moment
Your broken heart and the body that holds it
I lost your scent in the flash of the party
The big bright lights, baby, constantly haunt me
I've never been right, have you ever been lied to?
I think I just saw the same scars upon you
Is this a disguise? Or a masquerade for me?

Keep it coming, keep it coming, keep it coming.

Who are you supposed to be?
Yeah, you look just like my love.
Who are you supposed to be?
Are you dressed just like my love?
Who are you supposed to be?
Yeah, you look just like my love.
Who are you supposed to be?
Are you dressed just like my love for Halloween?

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"Halloween" as written by Brian Fallon

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    Song Meaning1st verse - I'm a bleeding heart. Sorry, I know it's not becoming of me.
    2nd verse - I'm going to the same shitty party that my girlfriend always drags me to. I'm not sure I really know her. I sure as hell don't know anyone else there. I better drink.
    3rd verse - My girlfriend is dressed up pretty and I'm dead inside. Or maybe it's vice versa. I don't know because she never tells me.
    4th verse - I think I sensed some realness, specifically sadness coming off of her, but I lost the trail because we're stuck at this fucking party. Maybe she thinks the insincerity is for my benefit.

    The "keep it coming" part is a little hard for me to understand, but I think it's him saying he's sad enough as it is, and he hopes she'll maintain the facade of his love for his benefit.

    What makes these lyrics great to me is the phrasing. The meaning is pretty straightforward.
    klemkbon April 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentLike a lot of Gaslight songs, it is one that we can relate to.
    this song to me is about going to a party with some one you love or a friend while your thinking about some one you love even though you know no one there you are trying to crack a smile, while they are talking to every one you are standing awkwardly sipping your drink, feeling like a corpse no one recognizing you standing there, and the reference to ghosts just how they pass through you with out knowing you are there almost, and then towards the end of the song is almost like you realize that they may be just as uncomfortable as you there
    I can only say this cause i went to a party with a friend where this song pretty much describes the night, to nervous to talk to people so just drinking to take off the edge, while the whole time you got some one you love on your mind either the person who dragged you there or some one who isn't
    and i think "klemkb" description of this song is pretty much spot on
    Ril3yon April 25, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretationin my opinion this song is about running into an ex for the first time who you still are in love with at a party.

    the first verse is about the party and how he doesn't really want to go but is talking himself into it.

    the second and 3rd verses is him at the party walking to the bar where he first pumps into his ex. and has a conversation with her. i must confess i didn't recognize you, i hate these things i always attend, i make my way through the ghosts in the room.( i am going to get a drink) who you supposed to be ,are you alright, are you dressed up to take my life ? is the conversation. dressed up like my love, you look like heaven tonight ,cause i worry is what he is thinking while they are talking

    keep i coming is him ordering another drink

    the 4th verse is him thinking that their conversation reminded him of when they where together and how he still misses her and is asking her if anyone hurt her they way she hurt him .

    the last verse is him asking himself what girl is she the girl that hurt him or the girl who he is still in love with
    bar250on February 08, 2015   Link
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    My OpinionNo comments? Really?
    This song is effing incredible.
    xheartbreakerxon March 01, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis is a fantastic song, and for anyone who closely follows Brian Fallon, it obviously has personal connection. Considering where his personal life has been/is headed at this moment... he is not in a good place. This song, to me, seems to be hinting at his infidelity... but it also seems to symbolize the realization he no longer loves someone he thought he did.
    YourLoversWereLiarson May 15, 2013   Link
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    General CommentVery first line: "Sympathy, this is my best disguise"
    Meaning: To hide how much I need it, I give it to others (Sympathy)

    Line: My skin stepped out for my bones to dry up. for the rest of the world outside to see
    Meaning: Right now, I can't maintain my disguise. Could mean the person is feeling too tired or dead to keep up what he was doing to hide how he is feeling. Now everyone can see whats really going on with him easily. this leads into the rest of the lines about bleeding on the side. He spends most of his time being this other person but every once in a while he breaks down and can't keep the pain in, but tries to do so quietly.

    The lines about not initially recognizing the person, because they look like "my love" could indicate that this is a person who he saw as a friend initially but looking the way they do reminded him of a recently lost love. Possibly feelings for that person are not being transmitted to this one who he may previously have not given much thought to.

    The lines "Are you dressed up to take my life" to me indicates initial depressed feelings being reminded of this other person.

    We keep it coming could refer to the party he is at continuing on while these emotions are going on inside him. They just go on like normal till he knows if he wants to act on his feelings or knows what this other person is intending by looking the way she does. Is this person putting him on or trying to tell him something? Do they have a connection or is this her own disguise.
    Mikey486on March 01, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song is about a guy who is at a party, probably for business and he sees a girl who looks vaguely like a girl he loved and lost. He is the ghost in a suit, everyone at the party is because they are just images of what they really are. A ghost in that they are not full people, they can't be at a business party.

    Further, after a drink or two and seeing this girl, he spends the rest of the party trying to "find his love" even though she isn't there and likely isn't coming back anyway
    asmith1912on April 02, 2013   Link

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