It is, is, is!
And it is now, only-
It is, is, is!
And it is now, only-
It is, is, is!

Seems that in the future there are people who are called Memories, they are some sort of oral repositories of the past.

But what we call information also seems to be called "memory."

They don't have money. They don't have money. They don't have money. They have money lying around, still, notes, but one of the Memories of the future has a very influential theory that it's all about the paper; special paper they're printed on. That's why money was valuable in the 21st Century.

But to answer your question "why didn't you just leave?" Well, you have to understand that the whole world was made up of nation states.

Borders are a bit difficult for me to understand. You call them "walls," I'm not sure if you mean it in a literal sense or not. But for the most part, in my time borders, are not walls; they are part of the conceptual walls that exist in people's minds. Because this concept has gained widespread acceptance, they actually take on physical form. There are guard posts, checkpoints, passport controls, that sort of thing.

That sort of thing.

No, I've not read the books you mention, but I'm definitely aware that these arguments exist. They've been around for some time, in fact. I wouldn't say that they're "Obvious even to children." Yes, the scientists were our "elders" as you say, but really it would be more accurate to say that we didn't have elders. In the way that you describe.

Whether the few listen to the scientists or not, as you ask, is a tough one to answer because the few are hidden, as you know, we don't really get to see the inner workings of their policies. So whether the scientists are predicting what you call The First and Second Crises - which explains why I and pretty much anyone else from the land of the few would not be too surprised by what you say about the near future - it's difficult to know why we're not doing what they say we should do in terms of the problems of food, water, and so on - which as you point out are childishly simple mathematical problems that require no complex interpretation.

So to answer your question as to whether the few knew that death was coming or not, I have to side with one of the prominent Memories of your day, and say that some did and some didn't, but that those who did also saw is as inevitable and were looking for the best way to survive it. Actually, they were looking for the best way to make money out of it, believe it or not.

I agree that we should put them outside the walls…
I agree that we should put them outside the walls…

And some of them probably know that money will instantly become useless after the Second Crisis hits, or at least, there is a strong possibility that is going to happen. But they're banking on the fact that by getting a lot of money before then they would then be able to get the 'Mittel,' as you call it, and set themselves up in a place where they could hold on to it, even through the death. I agree that we should… put them outside the walls…

…but we don't even know who they are.

So I would say that your Memories have it more or less right when they say that their voice was the media, and their servant was the money. But I think there's a flaw in how you see our time, or in how you sum it up, because you say on the one hand that everything we did was poisoned, and it led to the Crises and the death and so on, but it also led to your time, a time of singleness. So I have to say it makes more sense to see this as a kind of change or evolution, rather than a full-on disaster. If everything we did was poisoned, why do you see it as a bad thing that our world died? I'm sure the death will be terrible, but remember that I'm the one who has to live through it, not you. I agree with your whole mathematical argument, it's irrefutable, but if my wife and I hadn't had our children - or child, maybe - uh, you would not have been born. As your grandfather this would make me very sad, and it would mean that none of these letters would have arrived; that this conversation we're having would not have occurred. I wonder how your world of singleness comprehends paradoxes, but I'm sure you can't tell me that. What does it mean to say that I can't wait to meet you when I know that we never meet? Anyway I can't. Your loving grandfather, Earl.

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