Go ahead and quit
Its no fuckin surprise a girl thinks about my dick when she closes her eyes.
I don't give a shit about your bullshit and lies.
I'll keep it legit, and expose your disguise.
Your girl says she doesn't give a shit, but she really cares.
She's got fowl problems and I'm feelin really bad.
It's really sad that your silly dad didn't beat you enough.
You're a bitch with a clit, and I can see through your bluff.
I'm flippin the scipt, we'll see who's really tough.
I kicked 3 pussies out of the band in one year
I'm a man with no fears, I ain't shedded no tears
I shake it off, share cans, and drink more beers.
Why you keep on threatenin me with pressin charges?
I'll just keep on being a successful artist that
wants to make you feel stressed out and nautious.
Well you best be cautious cause I'm the one that God's with.
I want to see where you will be when I am gone my friend.
You lost your soul, you lost control, this is the end.
(Verse 2)
I swear to God I just wanna kill these motherfuckers but
I don't wanna end up another motherfucker
sucker locked up in the penitentiary, for more than a century
Gotta live my legacy.
Can't let em' get to me.
Won't be defeated.
This is no secret.
Won't give em' reasons.
Won't see me bleedin.
Try to destroy what I've been working for,
put a hundred grand on your head to settle the score.
I keep my problems bottled up, there's a lot of asses I don't wanna woop, I ain't gonna follow them, they just keep on pilin' up, or followin' me, behind me, to the sound of the drum and while I'm down with some rum I'll shoot em down for fun. Imma schizo with a 6 low at a rip show to get those, don't let me get close to the pistol cause Imma fuckin grab it and never let go. I've killed every bad seed so everybody get low.
I get more pussy than tampax.
Can't touch me like anthrax.
No matter what you say to them they will see right through your lies.
No matter what you tell yourself the truth remains inside.
Fuckin backstabber.

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