they is what they is
whoever they is, they is always wrong
they might be the man
whoever he is, he will always sing his own song
they might be the woman
whoever she is, she will always sing along
take me to the river, i don't care where it is
and that's where i think i shall die
i'm completely convinced that the only alternative
is the mountain wood where i think one could consciously survive

i am insane among all men
but i smell him all around me
a cat in a cardboard box
where i let my fur get dirty
it's a box of tiny lies
deafening the unheard cries
and for it a person lives
and for it a person dies

i won't submit, oh what's not to get?
i will just sit
there is a word, but it seems absurd
i fear no more, we are at war
i call you enemy, you can call me lazy
we share the same fate, the world does not negotiate
the sky's wearing thin, we're not safe in our skin
we cannot even begin to sanctify sin

i am the night, i am the pawn
king and queen are dad and mom
for the game they are used
from the game they are amused
keeping eyes fixed on the clocks
tacked up inside the box
the king will die and we move on
'cause the game gets passed along

it might be your car, and as safe as you are
you can only drive it so far
until we're under, pleading we will plunder
soon we will swim, the light there is dim
most men discover that the light makes them blind
and how can you love what you cannot find?
but i know there are some who will beg me to come
those men can see that a lie sets me free

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If This Country Had a Heart, That's Where I Was Born song meanings
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