"Shock troops, take your positions."

I recall how you gazed at me,
telling me about love and endless dreams
I want to embrace him
Tonight, these thoughts are falling into lakes of tears
Tonight, who's crying?

The sunlight, clouds far away
Am I saying goodbye to a world that I can't live in?
The sunlight comes, clouds far away
Am I saying farewell to this world I cannot live in?

The dream is far, the pain is now
I want to know why humankind's so cruel
Dishonest, temperamental
Enjoy the light through a dark shroud of war

I remember times when it all began
Saw my back and then my memory stopped the time
Stopped the time between you and eternity, my dear
My dear, I'm waiting here

Changing the rules as they please, like a pawn
You're just moved and get killed by checkmate
Aren't you scared you're forgetting forever
the shape of my lips?
Oh my God, I just can't seem to trust you
Did you forget one of your sons?
I don't think it's all that I deserve
Just waiting for the aftermath
How much time do I have to wait
to feel your love surrounding me again?

You can't escape once you're inside this twisted game
Running in circles, you'll be put back in again
That night my hopes were there, deep in that lake of tears
Tonight they are here, someday you'll be with me

At peace with this whole world now
Is it real or is it just an illusion?
I read the paper's headline
They say that this war will come to an end
The aftermath is coming
The afterglow this morning
became a precious sunrise
Yet my "farewell" now is a "goodbye"

“Ground troops, report to your positions.
Team Charlie to Commander: we're approaching the building.
Is the target in sight? Affirmative.
Team Beta to Commander: we reached the rooftop.
Commander to Team Beta:
beware of that man with the white suit. We'll fix him.
Commander to all troops: we are near the resolution.
This is the chance we waited for a long time.
Infiltrate into the building. Head into the main room.
You know what to do after that. Good luck. Roger."

Nothing's true what I believed
They gave me just some sedatives
Looking through the looking glass
Today, I saw another me

The sunlight comes, clouds far away
Am I saying farewell to this world I cannot live in?
The sunlight comes, clouds far away
Am I saying farewell to a world that I can't live in?

How can I sleep peaceful at night if you're not here?
How can I live wasting my time without you?
Did I do everything I could do to have you here beside me?
Did I respect enough all blessings on my path?

I am at peace with this world,
or was it all an illusion?
I read the paper's headline
They said the war would be over

Will I now reach that finishing line I saw a long, long time ago?
And understand that in the end it all was staged?

Come back here
Come back, my love
Begging God 'cause I need him now
The aftermath will come here
The afterglow disappear
And my "goodbye" will be a "welcome back"

I see my life now as a long, steep climb
I'm walking barefoot, all the flakes are inside
I'll be here weaving this web for you, my love
I'm looking forward to seeing you again
The darker our night is, the closer to daylight we are
The darker our night, the closer to daylight we are

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