I was born in the city, yeah, that's a fact
I love the Beatles and the Beach Boys and Mama Cass
I eat yogurt and granola, wear designer clothes
Bring a camera my way and I'll strike a pose

I love to watch TV, can't get enough
I love Leave It to Beaver and The Brady Bunch
I drive a BMW, it's so nice
Why, nothing else could possibly suffice

Yup, I'm a yuppie
Oh ho, ain't life grand?
Gotta make more money
I got it in my hand

Yup, I'm a yuppie
It's not so tough
Keep making more money
And getting more stuff

Like a VCR and a color TV, yeah
Even big screen so I can see
Cameras, stereos, watches, and rings
Gonna have my haircut just like Sting's

Honey, which Lean Cuisine do you want tonight?
Clams, I like the Clams
How was the health club today dear?
Just fine, just fine. I saw Jerry, he's leaving Betty again. Hey, where's The Big Chill?
Oh, I lent it to Bob and Suzy.
I hope they rewind before they give it back. I hate that, damn!

I'm happily mobile, just wait and see
I'm gonna be the object of your envy
I love competition in the marketplace
Put a couple of dollars in my favorite race

I donate my time to charity
Because being philanthropic is my destiny
Tennis, health club, restaurant
The label on my jacket is what I flaunt

Yup, I'm a yuppie
Check out the exterior
Yeah, I have to admit
It is superior

Yup, I'm a yuppie
I'm a phenomenon

Diet Coke, hairspray, eating raw fish
I get anything I want on my satellite dish
Trivia, sailing, driving my car
Mom and Dad told me I'd go real far

Good to see ya! Sit down, it's mineral water for you, right? Not today, old boy, someone ran into my Beamer. Did he have insurance? Because I know a great lawyer. How many more payments do you have?

On Sunday mornings I’m at brunch
But during the week I say let’s do lunch
I can only be seen in the best of places
With the beautiful people and their beautiful faces

Stocks and bonds, I can follow the trends
Gold and silver, hope this never ends
Got a card and a discount fare
‘Cuz I’m a frequent flyer in the air

Don’t talk to me about politics
You wouldn’t like mine, they’re much too strict
Into the computer, I’ll sit and stare
My favorite pastime is software

Honey, the kids want to do their homework
How about another condo? You know, for when my parents come to visit?

Yup, I’m a yuppie
A college graduate
I’m absolutely brilliant, you have to admit

Yup, I’m a yuppie
What’s the big deal?
Being cute and witty
Is part of my appeal

Yup, I’m a yuppie
It’s a full time occupation
Why, it’s more than a job

Yup, I’m a yuppie
Thanks for your time
Could I write you a check?
I’m sure that would be fine

So anyway, I’m pulling my yacht into a slip, and the guy who has the boat next to me trips on his dockline, and spills his martini on my Beamer…

Yup, I’m a yuppie
Yup, I’m a yuppie
Yup, I’m a yuppie

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