"Dressed for Space" as written by and Maya Postepski Robert Alfons....
Road to ruin
No paper trail
No mercy shown
For heavens sake

Sheets on the wall
Ashamed to love
Frolic your faith
So refuse to come

Cheery call
Chug along
Knock it off till you see that beauty's gone

Perfect bloom
Perfect might
Sell it as this love crept out of sight

It's been a while I'm made of ribbon
He's been inside now I'm full of him
To here knows when, our clearance cold
I'm dressed for space, now can I go?

Well he needs me
Like a royal fox
Like he sorry's me
Like he smokes the rocks

Several masks
To last the year
Makes life dance
Right out of me

It's too hard to dream
Well fickle me
Put it in the icebox
Then we'll see

Wasting time
You've been caught
Bored unravelling
Knot for knot

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"Dressed for Space" as written by Robert Alfons Maya Postepski

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Dressed for Space song meanings
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    General CommentThis is alright but this is totally an open-ended interpretation. They haven't released the lyrics yet and probably won't
    chemicalXon January 17, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think that 'dressed for space' might be an allusion to being prepared to end a relationship - but still holding on, because the other person can't let it go yet. When he asks, "I'm dressed for space, now can I go?" what he's saying is - can we finally agree to end this?
    matt102576on October 15, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is about loving or wanting someone from afar but not being able to have them because they fucked one of your best friends. He talks about how she's a "perfect bloom, perfect mind" but its "love cooked out of sight" because they can't be together. She won't call him after sleeping with one of his friends because she's ashamed to approach him.

    The line "he needs me like a royal fox, like he's sorry he's mean like he smokes the rocks" might reflect the fact that his friend lied and betrayed him. As in "hey man, sorry I was an asshole and fucked your girl, I was on coke". He doesn't buy it.

    Now she tends to jump around from one man to another, which "makes life dance out of him". His only solution is to "put it in the ice box" or wait for time to cool things off.
    neurochicon February 01, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI interpret it as a song about a woman who desires control/manipulation over genuine connection in relationships and finds control/power in people's weaknesses/vices i.e. sex and drugs ("Road to ruin, no paper trail") and uses these vices to get people (especially men) to keep coming back.

    I picture her herself being a user (mostly alcohol) and a lot of that using being centered on self-image and aging in particular ("Chug along, knock it off till you see that beauty's gone").

    I think the line "It's been awhile, I'm made of ribbon" refers to not being intimate for a period and slightly forgetting how vulnerable it is.

    The man in question turns out to be just as manipulative and cunning as the 'narrator' (unknown to him he's been caught), and it catches her off guard to realize she hasn't had the upper hand the entire time, as she has desired and she finds out (through sources other than him) he's simply entertaining her because he finds it amusing ("Well he needs me, like a royal fox, like he sorry's me"). The narrator ponders the multiple facades she puts up and how tiring it is to keep it up ("Several masks to last the year, makes life dance right out of me").

    The last few parts refer to her starting to have genuine, romantic feelings for the man and how because of past hurt the idea of a healthy, mutually loving relationship seems like a fantasy of sorts and suppressing those emotions because they're unfamiliar ("It's too hard to dream, well fickle me, put it in the icebox then we'll see"). The very last verse describes her reverting to her old ways, gaining the upper hand in the end (despite it presenting no challenge in the grand scheme) and emotionally picking apart and destroying the man and revealing she's knows about him mutually toying with her ("Wasting time, you've been caught, bored unraveling knot for knot").

    I think the title refers to a metaphorical 'dressing up' of someone's appearance through how they choose to present themselves through things like facial expressions and body language, the line "I'm dressed for space, now can I go?" referring to the narrator presenting herself as distant, mysterious and larger than life and desiring to stay that way instead of working on changing for the better for another person.
    tgfm1994on April 21, 2017   Link
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    General CommentAlso I realized through watching the video (and another user brought it up) frolic your faith must be the censored version of 'fuck(s) your friend' because the vocals mute slightly at that part in the video
    tgfm1994on April 22, 2017   Link
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    General CommentMany drug references, both in the lyrics and video (chemical structure of bufotenin flashed, smokes the rocks). I think Dressed for Space might be code for high. I also think in this song he's been cheated on by a promiscuous and/or dishonest lover (2nd verse) and now he feels as though he's unraveling (he's made ribbon and unraveling knot by knot) so he gets high to deal with it. "I'm dressed for space now can I go?" to me implies he's high and wants to escape.
    conspiredon April 12, 2013   Link

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