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Feelin' like
money feed the funeral fire
for dime
feudal was ___ for lies
Realize it's time to revise
[revivalist/what brought us these]? ties
The blind pseudo-teacher-leader
you doin' hoops
doin' fine but not really
[(praises/crazys) whorin']? for more
Can't afford to ignore anymore
support a distorted order
but want it
Run fast
The summer sun cracks
sprinters off a fourth quarter comeback
Run fast
I wanna mock [more than]? water [tongue]?
[Planted/planned it]? thinking
holdin' hands and standin'
planet planted in the sand sinkin'
Did a quick bound stop
bounded but did she see it?
Breezes ___ ___ throughout the school of [flu-pock]?
[a wop]? speeded [(need/read) a mop]? three on the clock
thingy Ziggy through Pac
but hoppers sinkers [sanded/Santa]
dodgin' man it's fantasy tellers
Soothsayers playin' hoopin' hoop and players
insanity sellers
Understand the social canopies
just that leaders tell us to stand and giggle

(Run away, run away, from the land of the sinking sea. Runnin away. Can't keep runnin)

I ran fast past your president [descendin' on/he's sellin' our]? hope
I heard [Pac/Bach]? and burned is eye upon my telephone pole
Observe high on his dollar back go swallow that lie
I ran to anchor entertainin' news a hollow black sky
Try to catch me by my red-shiftin' I get in his heading
I asked the pope, he laughed "this is heaven now be quick, jet it"
So get it gone on to get home with brimstone rain
Spittin' ash on the glass system kids don't think
But shit's on brink
A grimmin' dimmin', women kissin' women
Shitty brothers observin' grinnin' pups, the learnin' kittens
True velocity, through this idiocraty spittin'
Subliminal says curiosity, cats wanna-be get it
The least with it, but shit it offer homes that's all but to get it
Their Ma told 'em all the songs let's sing along and forget it
I want a storm upon this picnic witness [naw it's/Norris] the sickness
A bomb within it but ain't with it, spit it quicker than did it

(Run away, run away, from the land of the sinking sea. Runnin away. Can't keep runnin)

Dip quicker than it's wicked and the time glass fillin'
Should get your women children [fillin'/feelin']? on the child [past/path]? killin'
Fly fast from a system slinkin' hypnotized children
School's a prison flipped a similar lie, just different buildings
Teach me riches, skip physics, hypo-critic not a cynic, just never with it
With hipster [vision/fishin'] lava who's hot I gotta get it
but gotta get 'em outta grip as if I'm politicians
to get the script, the doctor doctors scriptures all for the distance
and coke and walkin' talkin' exodus dippin'
Like on a mission get this flock outta dodge and dodge a pharaoh
Named arrow straight there oh narrow five dime speed
The cage breaks 'fore I see the sparrows eyes on me
The winded python that lie and die is high on speed
but by Y'all the scarlet sky fallin' fly on feet
but what you got on?
goodbye, don't even let the bread rise
the jet fly, book cook
don't even look back to see this red sky

(Run away, run away, from the land of the sinking sea. Runnin away. Can't keep runnin)

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