"If It's Dead, We'll Kill It" as written by Chris Cerulli, Ricky Olsen and Mick Kenney....
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the ugliest of them all?
Severed, crawling like spiders
Injecting poison

Now kill the bile spewing
The walking selfish living dead
I turn to rust and you play in all the filth that you've created
No love, no loss in the wake of your stupidity
Show me where’s your dedication

And when your dreams have come to end
How will you buy your happiness?
And when your self is all you have left
With what will you fill your emptiness?

You are the cause of mans dissolving evolution
Is my heart completely useless?
Devoid the fake with full disdain
What when your life is worthless
I don’t think you’ll fit the frame

Fuck you, fuck this
Everything is distress
I don’t give a shit if your ego is maniacal

I Just want to watch you fucking die motherfucker!

I have come to crush you
And bring you all to your fucking knees
You are not fucking angels
And much less fucking kings
What have you sacrificed, preserving what you love?
You’re just a hollow shell infecting who you fuck!

I just want to watch you fucking die
Mother fucker!!

And when your dreams have come to end
How will you buy your happiness?
And when your self is all you have left
With what will you fill your emptiness?

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"If It's Dead, We'll Kill It" as written by Ricky Olsen Chris Cerulli

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If It's Dead, We'll Kill It song meanings
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    Song Meaning"

    We live in a world where people look to others for inspiration, influence and important life values. The unfortunate downfall I see with this, is that more often than not, I see people look up to a lot of mindless public figures for the sense of direction of who they should be rather than figuring it out for themselves. I don’t think the general population knows what self discovery is anymore. Or by the time they get there, the damage has already been done. I know a lot of people have said to me that they look to me for these types of things. Although I feel fortunate that i’ve somehow managed to be a figure of influence, it doesn’t mean I condone it. I want people to find out who they are and what makes them comfortable in their skin on their own. Not because *i* or someone else told them how to. I wanted to get into music because aside from my passion to create and perform, I wanted to help people the way music helped me. Not to tell them who they should be or how they should live. However, I quickly learned that what my plan was had dramatically changed by how tremendous of a response I received about the things I had to say. I feel like it has now become my moral obligation to try and present what I view as the best possible outlook IF it must be that people will inevitably take something from what I say.

    With that being said, this song is about my thoughts on how disgusted I am with WHO the majority of the people I see end up looking to for these values and lifestyle choices. I see young women looking to “beauty” magazines, artists and musicians or these fucking hollow, fabricated, bullshit characters on TV shows to tell them what’s beautiful. I see shit about kids killing themselves every fucking day because of bullying. Many of these cases because of them being ridiculed for not fitting in with what’s fucking trendy or cool at the moment. I see a world of “reality” television where these rich giggling cunts who have done nothing with their lives except suck daddy’s dick live these lives of glamour while the rest of us fucking suffer the weight of not even having enough gas money to get to our jobs to make more money to continue the perpetual cycle that is REAL life.

    Why the FUCK are these people being put on a pedestal?? Am I missing something? I’ll never understand and I 100% realize that I am fighting a losing battle. At the very least, this song is my light in the distance that these people will always see when looking out their windows. A light to let them know that I’m here and I’m going to do my best to lead a generation to revolt against this bullshit idea of what life is supposed to be.

    I asked my biggest hero from my favorite band in the entire world Brandan Schiepatti from the band Bleeding Through to scream along with me on this song. If anyone out there feels the same as I do, it’s him. After all, he and his lyrics have always been what i’ve looked to for guidance and influence when I felt lost. This song means more to me than anyone can understand. Let’s make that light a little brighter. I’m coming for you mother fuckers.

    Side Note*

    For those who don’t get the title. It’s referring to Zombies. As in that’s what I’m referring to these people as. Dead and hollow beings only looking to consume the lives of others for their own self benefit. Get it now? Making sure to keep the Horror aspect of our band alive and well. enjoy and reblog :)"

    - Chris Motionless' post on Tumblr
    mccarey788on December 11, 2012   Link

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