"Busted" as written by Mustafa Guendogdu and Errol Rennalls....
(verse 1)
I see her at the bus stop again in her sexy
Pink top again, she's a perfect ten
She's my dream girl, fantasy girl, the one I love
And the reason that I've worn a hole in that glove
Days go by and I try to say hi
But I'm way too shy, scared of the reply
So I go to Plan B to get her noticing me
I wrote a poem on her door called Otis and Me
Otis is my cat, and damn her
She didn't respond, she just corrected my grammar
I tried to juggle gerbils and she didn't even look
I guess I couldn't catch her eye without a fishhook
So I'm looking in her window trying not to get caught
I see her watching a show, this gives me a thought
If I can find some way to do what they do maybe she
Will go with me, so now a MythBuster I have to be

(verse 2)
The first success that I can truly claim is
I grew a mustache way cooler than Jamie's
I made up a list of some myths and stuff
Then I found a place where I could blow them up
Myth one, every ISP
Has government spies to watch terrorist activity
In the community, deny it all you want
There are thousands of terrorists in Rutland Vermont
Then I moved on to some harder ones
About microwaves, nuns, and particle guns
I blew 'em up good, and that's when
I saw the piece of my thumb was missing again
So what was the result after all these cases?
The hospital knows me on a first name basis
But the girl still doesn't know me from Adam
Or Jamie, or Kari, or Buster, dagnab 'em

(spoken bridge)
me: So I found out one day that the show was looking for volunteers, and before I knew what I had gotten myself into I was on the set with Jamie and Adam.
Jamie: So tell me about this myth.
Adam: OK, it's simple. The myth is that if a nerd talks to a hot girl in a non-fast-food-ordering environment that his head will explode.
Jamie: Sounds right up our alley, especially the exploding part. So how do we test this?
Adam: Well we have a volunteer nerd, and we're going to set him up on a blind date with Kari.
Jamie: Alright, let's do it.
Announcer: Our nerd has been told he's meeting one of the show's producers at this fancy French restaurant. Let's see what happens when Kari shows up.
Kari: Hi, I'm Kari. Nice to meet you.
me: I... uh... u... Tom.
Kari: Hi Tom. So where are you from?
me: al... ulgh... I'd... like a ten piece McNugget meal.... super size.
Kari: I don't think they have McNuggets here. I hear the shrimp scampi is good though. I think I'll try that.
me: ah... uh... thank you, drive through.
Kari: (chuckles) You're cute. Where'd you say you were from again?
me: uh... New Jers...(vomit)
Announcer: As soon as our nerd tries to say something non fast food related, he blows his top.
Jamie: Well his head didn't explode.
Adam: I don't know. That vomit was pretty explosive. I'm prepared to call this myth plausible.
Jamie: I can live with that.
(clunking sound)

(verse 4)
So I go home, man I just wanna be alone
But I find myself fending off freaks on the phone
Talk shows, news, and a couple old friends
Wanna talk, while I just wanna plot my revenge
It'll take time but it sure will be fine when
I go "savage" on Adam and kick Jamie in the "heineman"
I'll be nice to Kari, maybe give her some employment
But I'm keeping buster for my personal enjoyment
I was humiliated as can be
When the girl walked by me and smiled at me
She said that she wanted me to know that it was
Her favorite show, but she thought what they did was pretty low
I think I just grunted, I'm not really sure
'Cause the whole episode is kind of a blur
But she said I should come visit her to watch the show
Some time, and I said yeah, that would be fi...(vomit)

girl: I guess that means you like me, huh?

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