You guys know where this place is, right?
I don't want to end up in no gay bar or something.
Those guys would be all over me. 'Cause I look good!

What's up ladies? How ya doin'?
Don't all rush at once, now. There's plenty of me to go around.

I know all the women are starin' at me now
I know all the women here like what they see now
I know all the women are blown away by my class
I know all the women are starin' right at my ass
Hey girls, like what you see?
Gotta find me a woman as awesome as me
I'm the one, they all want
So if she doesn't want to shag then she must be on the rag

Ladies, are you ready to be blown away.
A guy like me only comes around like once a decade.
So don't miss your opportunity. Here I am!

Uh-oh, uh-oh
Uh-oh, this ho is on the rag (repeat)

[verse 1]
Look at me now, all the women are
I'm the main attraction, when I'm in the bar
I know that I'm great, so let's see what she got
That girl is so-so, but her friend is hot
I approach the pretty, tall, blond, slender one
I buy a beer and ask the bartender to send her one
You're gettin' deja vu, and I know I'm right
'Cause I know you saw me in your dream the other night
You know I'm very picky, and I picked you
I know you like the view, now you know what you gotta do
She said what's that? *sniff* it doesn't smell right
Said I'm from Jersey, that's what it smells like
But don't be sweatin' that, just come along with me now
Then she walked away, but I don't really see how
Oh I know the deal, man that's really dreadful
Panties full of wings, and I don't mean from Red Bull
(chorus 2x)

[verse 2]
That's the only explanation, the same reason that
A chick'll never run this nation, this ho is on the rag
It always seems to happen, I like her up until
Her stupid mouth starts yappin', this ho is on the rag
I know how to treat her, but after I meet her
It's like we're in the hospital, I think we got a bleeder
Ain't nothing personal, it's just that it's a bad sign
That very few women here are worthy of my time
So I'll try that one, no not the flat one
and I ain't drunk enough yet to settle for the fat one
Oh you got a man, well he can't get you what you want
He's such a pussy that I bet he bleeds once a month
Drop him like a cigarette, then forget you ever met
You know deep inside that I'm the best that you could ever get
Her look was scary, I think her name was Teri
But I called her Bloody Mary, 'cause this ho is on the rag
(chorus 2x)

Girl is pretty but I'll bet she's on the rag.
(Mur Lafferty: HEY!) Yup, ho is on the rag.
There's another one, I bet she's on the rag.
(Seamonkette: HEY!) Yup, ho is on the rag.
How could every woman here be on the rag?
(Angela Polk, Voice Of Kiki, Sara Trice, Eric Brown: HEY!) Ho is on the rag.
Can't believe it, every ho is on the rag.
(Angeltastic, DJ Sin, DJ Particle, Pat Brown, Judy from Channel Erk, Ronnie Sherlock : HEY!) Ho is on the rag.

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