I’m The Doctor (Doctor who?) just The Doctor
And this is my crew, how d’you do? I’m just a
Mad man with a box, a big blue box, foxy
And sexy, if you only knew, yes it’s
Bigger on the inside, ask Captain Jack
It’s a great ride back and it’s mine, I reside in
The TARDIS, home is where the heart is, and like
Lisa Simpson I can see through time, I have been
To the end of the universe and back again
Then reverse course and we arrive, back where
We started in the TARDIS ‘cause when people come with me
I really like to try to bring ‘em back alive, so if you wanna
Come, get your things, I’ll take you where the sky sings
Tell your Mum that you’ll ring her on the cell, oh the things
I can show you as I get to know you but don’t
Wait for me ‘cause that never ends well

I am The Doctor
Na na na, na na na na na na
Na na na, na na na na na na (2 times)

Now answer me
This, are you my Mummy, no course you’re not
But what’s that spot on your hands, and yes
I always talk this fast all my chatter doesn’t matter
I’m the only one who really understands, you see
I’ve got a big head a very big head a very large
Head with a very big brain, and if you look
Deep into my eyes they’re very old eyes you might
Even see some little guys at the reign, that’s what I
Do to survive on the day that I died
‘cause it’s what is inside that counts, oh and if you
Missed it at one point I never existed
And still made the wedding unannounced, I’ve stopped
Aliens and demons and the end of everything
And it barely even shook me up, so if you think of
Crossing me, your loss it will be
I’m the Doctor, look me up!

Oh the things I’ve seen
Would make your skin turn green
Like a Silurian

I’ve seen angels move and if you think
You’ve seen one don’t look away or even blink
I’ve seen a dalek sunbathe and let loose
I’ve seen a crack scarier than any plumber could produce
I’ve seen vampires that were actually scary
And no they didn’t sparkle like a dancing fairy
I’ve seen cat people and sentient trees
And I’ve seen the Silence, but, oh jeez...

I forgot What were we talking about?
Oh right, me

I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool
But oh my, whatever happened to my fez, I know I tend to
Dive right inside the hive but if you want to make it out
Alive then you’ll do what the Doctor says, but why is
Everyone still going on about my name, when they should
Be more concerned about the people made of plastic, after all
A Rose by any other name would still be
The Bad Wolf, and still be fantastic, that’s what
My life is like with Cybermen and Sontarans
The Ood and the Headless Monks, sure there’s
Danger and strife but it’s a marvelous life
And you can ride along beside me if you want, so tell me now
Where you wanna go from here, how ‘bout a lovely little
Planet where we won’t get injured, I had a
Thought I think they ought to let Devo Spice play
The Doctor, so I could be a ginger
(I’ve always wanted to be a ginger)

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