Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

7am wakin' up in the morning
Gotta get packed, gotta catch the bus
Heading off to camp like I do every year
Camp Crystal Lake so pretty in summer
Drivin' on and on, seems to take forever
Gotta pee please make the bus stop
Gettin' off the bus, I see my friends

Drinkin' in the front room
Smokin' in the back room
Then I see this big guy
In a hockey mask

It's Friday, Friday
Gonna get killed on Friday
Everybody's gettin’ hacked up and they’re bleedin’, bleedin’
Friday, Friday
Gettin' killed on Friday
Everybody's lookin' to see where John's head went

Murder and murder and (scream)
murder and murder and (scream)
Kill kill kill kill
Lookin' for a place I can hide

Finally safe so I go skinny dipping
Jason appears so I have to get out
Run, run, just have to run
Run through the deep woods
But then he... how did he...
Jason appears right there, ahhh!
I fall down, then get up
Now I run back

Bodies in the front yard
Bodies in the back yard
Gotta make my mind up
Which way should I run?

It's Friday, Friday
Try to survive on Friday
Everybody's trying to make it to the sequel, sequel
Friday, Friday
Hack and slash on Friday
Wonder who will live but I don't think the geek will

Sara and Jimmy are dead!
Eddie and Robin are dead!
Dead dead dead dead
Lookin' for someone who's still alive

Yesterday they were fine, were fine
Today they're not breathing (breathing)
They...they...they’ve gone to pieces
Quite literally
I wonder where they stashed their beer

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards
I don't think I'll make (kill kill) it that long

Kill me, then I come back
So I'm chillin' in the deep woods (in the deep woods)
Mind my business (mind my business), I see teenagers (kill kill)
Mom said, cut off their heads
And make sure they’re dead (*OKAY!*)
Don't ask why just hack 'em up *violently*
Shut them up ‘cause severed heads *don't scream*
Got my machete, *It's Friday, it’s my day*
I’m gonna slay ‘em all, *come out and play y’all*

It's Friday, Friday
I won't survive this Friday
Everybody's dead now I'm the only one left
Friday Friday
Gotta make it through this Friday
Can't believe I'm looking forward to next Monday

Runnin’ and hidin’ and (scream)
Trippin’ and fallin’ and' (scream)
(sound effects)
Lookin' for a way to fight back

It's Friday, Friday
I don't wanna die on Friday
Maybe I can use this pencil as a weapon
Friday, Friday
Fightin' back on Friday
Hey Jason tripped and then I stabbed his eyeball

Partyin', partyin', yeah!
Partyin', partyin', yeah!
I beat Ja-son!
Holy crap now where’d his body go?

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