"Memorial" as written by Christoph Koterzina, Denis Schmidt, Marc Goertz and Andreas Doener....
This is a memorial, to honor the long gone
This is a burial, my heaven has gone wrong

Those times we had, so long ago. Like yesterday I miss 'em so much
I can't let go!
My heart is full of hate, It's bleeding love
Father I have to say goodbye, to keep myself alive

I can still see you, you're fading away.
But I can still feel you though you're drifting away from me.

This is a memorial, to honor the long gone
This is a burial, my heaven has gone wrong
Are you still here? Still in this place?
What's left behind, where is God's grace?
You broke my faith
My heart is full of hate. It's bleeding love.
Father I have to say goodbye to keep my self alive
I can still see you, you're fading away ? but
I can still feel you, though you're drifting away from me.
My heart is aching, that's all I know
Hope is fading I'll let you go
This is a memorial, this is a burial

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"Memorial" as written by Christoph Koterzina Andreas Doener

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    My InterpretationThis song speaks for itself really. The most obvious interpretation is that it’s about his dad. But it can depend on the context you’re in yourself. If you were very close to your grandfather or another father figure in your life, you could also relate to this song.

    “This is a memorial
    to honor the long gone”
    His father must be gone for a while, because a memorial is not held just after a funeral. A memorial is held to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed. It’s to “honor the long gone”.

    “This is a burial
    my heaven has gone wrong”
    He’s holding a psychological second burial, hoping he could finally let it go.

    “Those times we had so long ago
    Like yesterday
    I miss ‘em so much
    I can’t let go”
    Though he’s so long gone, some things he can still remember as if it were yesterday. The heartache is still very vivid.

    “My heart, is full of hate
    its bleeding love.
    Father, I have to say goodbye
    to keep myself alive.”
    He hates it that his beloved father had to go. Why him? But he knows he has to let it go, because he can’t keep living in this pain, it’s killing him.

    “I can still see you
    you’re fading away but
    I can still feel you
    though you’re drifting away from me
    Away from me
    You’re drifting away”
    With all this time that has passed, he’s afraid the majority of his memories of him are fading, though some things he will never forget. And even though he’s not around anymore he can still feel his presence wherever he goes, but then again it hits him that he’s gone.

    “Are you still here still in this place
    What’s left behind, where is god’s grace
    You broke my faith”
    He wonders if the souls of the dead still wonder around on earth after they’ve passed. He wonders if it’s true what they say, that you’re passed loved ones soul’s still with you, watching over you, when their body has given up on them. And again, why HIS father, he was a good man right? Doesn’t God keep that into count? The death of his father has broken something in him.

    “My heart is aching
    that’s all I know
    Hope is fading
    I’ll let you go”
    His heart has been aching since the day he was gone, it’s all he has ever known since then. His hope of ever letting it go is fading, but he has to, because it’s not a way of living.

    “This is a memorial
    This is a burial”
    This song is like a memorial for his father.

    The official video of this song is also really touching, and very beautiful. A little boy emptying an urn, which, I think, refers to the fact that his father died when he was a young kid. In the beginning you see a typewriter falling on the ground, and later on they’re doing something with a book. That could mean couple of things. His dad could’ve been someone who loved to write or maybe he held a journal. The book and the writing could also be a metaphor for the story of the life he led, or life itself. At one point the older man rips out a page out of the book and eats it, that reminds me of a song from Bring Me The Horizon, suicide season. At one point Oliver Sykes sings “Death is only a chapter, so rip out the pages of yesterday” so I think it’s could also be connected with the letting go of a loss.
    AlexAsuraon July 01, 2013   Link

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