"Obsessed" as written by Christopher A. Stewart, Mariah Carey and Terius Youngdell Nash....
Do you think I'm obsessed?
Tell me Doc, what's your guess?
Just cause I tattooed her name on my chest
I call her house every day
I told her boyfriend she's gay
Even restraining orders won't keep me away

We met on a Tuesday
It was 7:30 and 16 seconds in June last year on the 22nd day
I knew it was destiny
Cause my heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice as she looked in my eyes and she told me to go away
From that moment I knew it was fate
We were destined to go on a date
But unfortunately for me my baby just doesn't seem to agree

Do you think I'm obsessed?
Tell me Doc, what's your guess?
Ever since I met her my life's been a mess
Baby why can't you see
That we're so meant to be
Or at least stop hanging the phone up on me

Take a look in my locker
There's a picture of you and a picture of you and a picture of you, oh and look, here's a picture of you
...and a picture of you and a picture of you and a picture of me...
...holding a picture of you
And here's your collection of strands of your hair
Got em' from following you everywhere
Oh, what'll it take to make you care?
I'm even wearing your underwear

Do you think I'm obsessed?
Tell me doc what's your guess?
Asked her out 80 times and she’s still never said yes
I got my friends telling me
There's other fish in the sea
But they just don't understand destiny

And you know that I love you, so what's the big deal?
Can't you see that all my feelings are real?
You say that you hate me, but I don't believe
Baby sometimes you can be such a tease

Whenever you leave me
My heart stands still like a broken clock and my stomach churns like I ate a big bag of rocks
So obviously...
I sneak in your house and I pull down the shades then I turn off the lights and I masturbate in your socks
You could have told me and I would have stopped
What a scene when you called in the cops
Oh and even though they put me away, I'll write you from jail everyday

Do you think I'm obsessed?
Tell me Doc what's your guess?
I tried to follow my heart and now I'm under arrest
Now there's stripes on my suit
Guess that ends my pursuit
But that guy in cell 32's kinda cute

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