You shall build a turtle fence
You shall build a turtle fence
We don't have many turtles
Well, in Michigan, we got quite a few
A turtle fence
Is exactly what you would think it is
A turtle fence keeps turtles
From getting hit by cars

Those turtles that were climbing turtles
Couldn't climb over the turtle fence
It was turtle proof
It was three feet high

The same thing is going to happen to health care
And one of these days, a congressman from Michigan's gonna come back home

And build a turtle fence
Build a turtle fence
We need a rattlesnake fence
You should build a turtle fence
And I don't know if a snake can go over a fence or not
Or if a beleaguered manatee can swim underneath a yacht

Build a turtle fence!
Build a turtle fence!
The more I drink, the more this congress is makin' sense!
If turtles are becoming doctors, we need a defense
How shall we protect ourselves?
You shall build a turtle fence!

I thank the people of Massachusetts
For electing me as your next United States Senator!
He's a different kind of Republican
Are you trying to say he's a lesbian?
But I know who I am, I'm Scott Brown
And I drive a truck

He's got the kind of treatment
Normally reserved for rock stars
Doin' lines of coke with some other lesbians in shady bars
He's Scott Brown
He drives a truck!
He's Scott Brown
Democrats are fucked

Democrats told us today
What they'd really like to do is focus on jobs, jobs, jobs
And don't forget about jobs!
We're focused on jobs, jobs, jobs!
For all the unemployed slobs!
They put health care on the back burner
The back burner for now

Welders, nurses, engineers, come on down
For jobs, jobs, jobs
You shall build a turtle fence!
I'll fight for jobs, jobs, jobs
When we build that fence we shall pay our rents!
I gotta buy my kids a piece of bread!
Before they wake up dead
We need jobs!

What it seems Americans are truly worried about is
Football, football, football, football
The Super Bowl belongs to the city of New Orleans
It was all meant to be
It's all destiny
We got the best ownership, best coach, best team!
What the Saints show is that we can persevere
We overcame four storms, overcame a natural recession, and the world is taking notice
We've got some of the strongest ethics laws;
We're open for business

Best ethics laws
Best coach
Best turtle fence
Best team!
Wooo they got the best ethics laws

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