"R.L.'s Story" as written by and Antony/burnside Genn....
I had two uncles, two brothers, and my father did get killed in Chicago, that's why I don't like living there, it's too rough a place.

People, going up down the street shooting, killing peoples, which it done it everywhere but they been doing it
there a long time you know, and that's a sad thing.

Well uhh, my brother, he was a doctor, I think he been, I'm not for sure but I think he been selling, some dope
to him and he, I reckon quit, and they killed him.

And my uncle, one of them they killed him, another guy killed him about his wife. He, with his wife, and about
two years after, he killed him. He, he, stayed with his, lived with his wife.

And my other uncle, I don't know the what reason he got killed, but I know he, got killed and my dad they killed
him and robbed him, he, he got his, check you know his, and uhh, somebody, ganged up on him and stabbed
him oh lord dang, twenty-five thirty times. And nobody never went to to jail for it cuz they never found out who
it was.

Ahh, then I was, that was in uhh, uhh, Fifties, yeah cuz I lived there in the Forties, and my uhh, soon as I left
there, 'bout uhh, eleven months after I left there, my father got killed, then about a week later, my both of my
brothers got killed the same day. And then uhh, one of my uncles got killed about three months later, and it
was about, six or eight months 'fore my other uncle got killed; but they all got killed in a year's time...

...yeah, I'm glad I, I made it out man.

Yeah both of my brothers got killed the same day.

But uhh, my uncle my daddy got killed, when he drawed some money back you know his, time, and somebody,
he went out and get him a drink I imagine, the whiskey store not too far from his house. About, a block and a
half and somebody killed him umm, between there and there before he got there, he was just at the, other side
of the next house from where he lived but uhh and he killed him there, and took his money.

And one of my uncles they, the guy, killed him about his wife he caught him there with his wife, and he killed
him. And I don't know what happened to my other uncle but he got killed you know I don't know just what

Naw, no, no done nobody ever went to jail, cuz they aint, don't know who did nothing.

Well uhh, yeah, I share-cropped, down at Senatobia, and then uhh, I moved down to, Tunica, I stayed down
there a, couple years at uhh, Hollywood, and uhh, I came from there back to Coldwater, oounce and stayed
there, two years and went back to Memphis, we stayed, two or three years and we came back, stayed here a
year and went back to Memphis and stayed a couple years, then we come back and we aint been back since.

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