"Sad Dream" as written by and Blake Mills Sky Ferreira....
Poured myself a warm glass, and laid awake
I prayed the lord my soul to take
I thought about you all day, how we have the same face
I fell asleep so confused, parts of me remind me of you
How could I ever wish away?

Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you.
And standing in the water with me,
I can tell you what I wanna tell you.
And I hope it's not just a bad dream,
Hope it's not just a sad dream

I wake up and I hear my phone ring,
I hear your call and I let my phone ring
When I got into my car and drove away,
I listened to the stereo play

I live by my own laws,
I stick to my guns and hold my head up to midnight sun
I hope the guilt will dim and fade,
The fire baptism engulfed in my shame

[Chorus: x2]

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"Sad Dream" as written by


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    Song MeaningThis song is about her father and the relationship between the two of them. From what I've gathered, their relationship isn't the best and they might not be that close, but she still loves him. It's only in her dreams that she is able to hug him and talk to him (about things like bad dreams, like little kids do when they have nightmares). She feels bad for at one time wishing away the parts of him she sees in herself, not just the facial resemblance, but also her personality, I assume. She still feels guilty for not being a wonderful daughter. She loves her father, but isn't quite sure she'll ever be able to express that to him.

    The music video is beautiful and gets a lot of this across as well. I'm really liking this less dance-y music from Sky. I hope there's more of it in the future!
    binkishapirhoon December 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI can't stop listening to this song - I've had it on repeat for days now. I really really hope she makes more music like this. It's gorgeous. I guess I can relate to this song because I also have a difficult relationship with my father, and will never be able to "tell him what I wanna tell him" because he can't hear it... it's a sad dream because their moment together in the water will never actually happen, or maybe it did happen and it made no difference or she was too scared to say what she wanted to say. In my opinion, the guilt and shame do not come from actually being a bad daughter, but because he has wrongly made her feel that way, though she hasn't actually done anything wrong... but maybe that's just coming from my situation :) Anyways, it's a beautiful song, please make more Sky!
    yesheeeon March 25, 2014   Link

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