"The Racing Heart" as written by and Jonas Petter Renkse....
White sun
Spring of wealth
Come for a good time
It's not what I have
Life on the line
My racing heart
Your vacant mind

If I sow a wind now
I will reap a storm
You saw me sliding away from the sun
And tomorrow
Who will come
And put their hand over mine
Mine with the burning shape of a gun

Washed out
Soul of money
Couldn't keep the fire
It's not what I do
Life on the line
My racing heart
It's all I find

Inside the sickness

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"The Racing Heart" as written by Jonas Petter Renkse

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    My InterpretationBased on the narrative presented within a large number of their songs and this one, I interpret this as a man who had just been through a long depressing year and a cold winter. (The Longest Year?.)

    In a fresh new luminous Spring season the narrator finds an opportunity that he believes will bring him back to a state of bliss or general enjoyment.
    He has high hopes that he may find his return to peace of mind.
    He finds no enjoyment needless to say.

    He seems to repeat a sort of 'mantra' 'of the word 'Vibrate' which may mean to let his presence be felt or to let his words echo.
    It also may not be a mantra however, it could also be an addition to put emphasis on this lines before the word in question:
    "It is not what I have"
    "It is not what I do"

    "Life on the line"
    the narrator notes that someone has a chance of their life ending. It could be the narrator himself or another person. I believe it is the narrator who has considerable self-destructive tendencies.

    "My racing heart- your vacant mind"
    may refer to him confessing or speaking to someone. He feels a sense of adrenaline, so perhaps he is fearful, or has been struck by a great sadness. For every heartbeat he speaks a word, but the people hearing his words do not understand what they mean; hence "Your vacant mind"..
    They do not realize the magnitude of his words on a broader scope. They very placidly and un-mindfully and superficially listen, but they do not an cannot understand or empathize.

    "If I sow a wind now- I will reap a storm"
    the narrator feels confident that even his minor actions will be reciprocated with a chaotic or serious reaction.
    His peers, among others, observe him taking to a solitary hermit-type life style "away from the sun".

    He seems to ponder if he decided to extinguish his own life, which of his peers or acquaintances would come to him, and comfort him and stop him from ending it all.

    "Washed out- Soul of money."
    "Couldn't keep the fire, it's not what I do."
    The narrator has cleansed himself of materialistic thoughts and greed, but still he cannot seem to find the feeling of pure passion and bliss. It is not what he does after-all, he is in a state of despondency, though he feels that the flicker, the flame, his life-force is dying down. His racing heart is all he perceives of it, but he knows how it makes him feel.

    "Inside the sickness- Rest"
    He has realized that he is unwell. Mentally and physically. He tries to calm his nerves and spirit by coming to terms with it, and perhaps attempt to transform himself. He tells himself to rest, sleep it off and find a new day.

    He repeats this sort of 'thought-pattern' within the narrative of the song and darkly, it ends with him pondering the shape of a gun, almost as though that that is his end-game/ ultimate solution to the trials he faces.
    AnOwlFollowson January 16, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about a person and his/her spouse. He's stuck because they're trying to live life in the moment and strive for materialism. He can't handle it, and he's afraid that if he talks to her about it, he'll lose her.
    vex390on January 14, 2013   Link

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