"Hypnone" as written by and Jonas Petter Renkse....
You will never rest
Until the stars burn out
My day is done
I love the sound of no one coming by
Tomb beneath the trees
The name unsung
The darkness in the cracks

I am not what you have waited for

Nothing is enough
This hunting ground
I need the freedom to control my own
I need the sound of rain
Wearing dependence down
The line must be kept so thin
To live near life
Not within

No need to take the test
Before the dark must shine
Reflect my eyes
And strip this creation of mine
Tomorrow is so long
The dead end king is here
Black wings upon his back

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"Hypnone" as written by Jonas Petter Renkse

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    General CommentIt sounds like the persons yearns to go to their grave, one forgotten and away from where people may see, but instead acknowledges nothing is going to feel fulfilling enough and goes on anyway. I think this person wants to live an in between life, just outside the crowd and around darkness, like they maybe feel more alive and empowered in misery..?

    That's my interpretation.
    Greatorainton September 04, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe this is about someone who fell in love with someone who was suicidal. They are describing the agony of this and how they know the person wishes to die (tomb beneath the trees) ...
    * I am not what you have waited for

    this line is them reaching the realization that as much as they still love this person their love may not be enough to save them from themselves.

    *trust nothing is enough
    this is them realizing that they can love the person with all of themselves but in the end they they trust it'll never be enough to save them from ending their life

    * this hunting ground, I need the freedom to control my own
    this is them feeling the pain through the person they love and envisioning them the attack of grief (hunting) them down and how they seek freedom from the pain to have their own peaceful life again but they still love the person.

    * I need the sound of rain, wearing dependence down
    the line must be kept so thin
    to live near life
    not within
    This is them wanting to be freed from the dependence of this person they love because they can't bare seeing them being so suicidal but they still wanna be their for them (in their life in some way...not in a lover way as it's becoming too complicated)

    the last paragraph of the song is them essentially giving their permission for the one they love to end their life as they feel they have no way to save them (no need to take the test) they realize this person is dying inside they don't need to test them
    (strip this *creation of mine) this is them giving their final blessing to their love to end their life ...the *creation being the burden/void that's been forming within them since realizing their love was suicidal. * the dead end king is here black wings upon his back
    this is them witnessing the suicide.
    EternalTearsOfSorrowon March 04, 2014   Link

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