"Dig Into Waves" as written by and Jacob Stuart Hyman Nicole Mourelatos....
Bring all of the boats in to flee these souls from the flood
Bring all of the boats in the magnetic field is to shield us
From the lights in the sky that combine
And arrive in a cloud clarified

I can't say what I saw there

At first I was sleeping and now I am floating down the hill
And now on a dune where the sound of a white noise is rising

It's clawing at my eardrums

Dig into the waves
Cut out all the ways we used to be
Dig into myself
And pull out all the organs I don't need

We're all up top now and language is losing its edge
The seventy two of us speaking in glances and dancing
Blur my skin melt my limbs with your scales
Blend the fins and the teeth and the tails

It's a golden age upon us now

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"Dig Into Waves" as written by Jacob Stuart Hyman Charles Criss


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    My Interpretationwith the album title being 'diluvia' (flood, with its biblical implications), this song seems to be about the flood itself. the boat reference in the first verse seems very similar to the noah's arc story in the bible.

    "from the lights in the sky that combine / and arrive in a cloud clarified / I can't say what I saw there" could also have a lot to do with religion also, with lights referring to the heavens (if you think about the fact that God brought the floods to noah). ((slightly unrelated to the bible thing but for some reason these lines make me think of aliens, some unexplainable sight ('I can't say what I saw there'), with the 'lights in the sky' being ufo lights. since this album seems to have a lot to do with futuristic things like aliens its a ~slightly~ viable explanation as well.))

    "at first I was sleeping and now I am floating down the hill / and now on a dune where the sound of a white noise is rising / it's clawing at my eardrums" could perhaps refer to floating away in the water or maybe even sinking in the floods. however i like to think of the 'white noise' as being either the noise of rushing water or endless rain. 'it's clawing at my eardrums' is a fantastic and terrifying line, as by using almost violent words like 'clawing' it shows the raw fear of the floods and the loud, ever-present noise of the water

    there is a clear reference to water in the chorus. i dont have much of an interpretation on the rest of the chorus, other than it seems to be talking about the changes brought on by the flood; things that were once necessary are not anymore ('cut out all the organs I don't need'); there are whole new ways of life ('cut out all the ways we used to be')

    the latter part of the chorus and the last verse seems to refer to the idea of altering one's body, combining with that of a fish, in order to survive. this may not be meant in the way that people literally resorted to mutilating themselves and going frankenstein with fish parts, but may simply represent the desire to survive through the floods.

    "the seventy two of us" - there aren't many people left who have survived through the floods; "language is losing its edge"/"speaking in glances and dancing" could be either A: refer to people going slightly mad, or B: the difficulty of communication underwater (if you want to stick to the semi-mermaid theory of the above paragraph), though both explanations seem a little too weird. however it seems clear that people are not communicating through the spoken word. perhaps this is a reference to a time before modern civilisation, and when you consider that the floods are essentially rewriting the earth in a noah's-ark-like fashion, life is brought right back to its beginnings

    According to Wikipedia: 'The term Golden Age comes from Greek mythology and legend and refers to the first in a sequence of four or five (or more) Ages of Man, in which the Golden Age is followed in sequence by the Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and then the present (Iron), which is a period of decline. By extension "Golden Age" denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity. During this age peace and harmony prevailed, humans did not have to work to feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance.'

    TL:DR, this song is about floods reminiscent of the bible, and therefore may or may not have a lot to do with noah's arc. whether the floods completely clear as they do in the bible or the earth is left covered in water (which could make sense considering the logic of not having masses of water disappear all of a sudden and also the last verse in which it is referred to combining the bodies of fish and humans in order to survive), earth has been rewritten, life has changed a lot and it is now peaceful

    ((having said all that im 9000% sure i really have no idea what im even talking about you probably shouldnt listen to me))
    socrakittyon November 29, 2013   Link

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