"Bloom" as written by and Tommy Giles Rogers Dan Briggs....
Get down here and sing the songs we sing
In bloom we come
Tentacles swing with the waters breeze
In bloom we

Crowd around
Drift down slowly
Get rid of your undesirable oxygen
Just drift down with us
In bloom we grow
Together as one
This underwater village
Bebop skippity tippity tap those toes

Queen Sea will take you in
This is your new home now
Ignore the laughter
We will not hurt you
Your last wishes
Queen Sea will take you in

In bloom we know what life is all about
With not a worry in the world
Let the water move you
Move to the sweet sway of nutrition
Move to the sweet sway of melody

Queen Sea will give back life
We used you
Your purpose is clear
We never knew

Floating back to the surface

(Tentacle hearse transportation. Actual happenings or the distant mind?)

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"Bloom" as written by Dan Briggs Blake Richardson


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    My InterpretationTommy also said that this underwater village did experiments on Prospect #1 and brought him back to life. As far as I can tell, Prospect #1 was floating in the ocean after "Swim to the Moon" when he either fell into the water, or this Queen Sea entity captured him. Siren like, they tell him that everything will be fine and they won't hurt him. They do some kind of tests on him, he must have died, and they brought him back to life and returned him to his boat, where he drifted until he crashed on the island from "Specular Reflection."

    "Queen Sea will give back life" (Prospect #1 died, and they brought him back to life)
    "We used you" (They did tests on him)
    "Your purpose is clear" (He has a destiny to fufill)
    "We never knew" (They didn't know who he was when they captured him)

    "Floating back to the surface" (They return him to the boat)

    "(Tentacle hearse transportation...
    Actual happenings or the distant mind?) " (The method of his return to the surface, and his vauge awareness of all this happening)
    BTDANon October 18, 2012   Link
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    General CommentWhen the band answered fan questions on reddit, Tommy confirmed that this song was the story of what happened to Prospect #1 between Swim to the Moon and Specular Reflection.
    RyanK3mpon October 10, 2012   Link

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