"Astral Body" as written by and Dustie Waring Paul Andrew Waggoner....
Analyze my own matter from above
Blacked out eyes in an existence overgrown
Never fall back down
Trapped in myself

Sold my hands
Envy them
Can't find the one

I slowly start to cut pieces of flesh from my body
Dig in and dissect
Collecting examples of what the outside world sees
Under it all
I know the devastation I have caused
Upon myself and this world

Speak to me freely
I am listening

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"Astral Body" as written by Dan Briggs Blake Richardson


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    General CommentI think asev0 is definitely on the right track with the song. My interpretation of it comes out of a responsibility factor. The world is overpopulated, we are using finite resources at an astounding rate, and we lead to so much destruction because of greed and corruption.

    Prospect 2 who has been working on a project for a while to end humanity (the vessel, hypersleep, dreams of charred skin and red skies) and is looking down on the earth with disgust. He is viewing his own matter (man) from above who show no compassion or concern for this planet (blacked out eyes) and overpopulation. Our hands as a nation and people have been tied, and the system is failing (sold my hands) there really is no solution but to end life as we know it because we cannot return (under it all I know the devastation I have caused upon myself and on the world). We have no social responsibility and he is dreaming about how we bring about our own end.

    The video elaborates on this concept as well because the man is seen dreaming, and creates so many beautiful things from the trees, to mountains to water, and life itself. But when he creates a statue in the image of a man, it almost states that as intuitive as we are, we cannot bend creation to our own will without catastrophic results. We are no creator and just kind of shows that all we touch as a species falls to pieces. Prospect 2 is coming to terms with destroying all of humanity and is ready for further instruction (speak to me I am listening).
    dustincolin63on January 17, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationAlright, before I talk about Astral Body itself, I think it's important to view each song in connection with others. According to the album booklet, there are a couple different voices in this album. In order to discuss Astral Body, we have to look at how and when these voices pop up in other tracks.

    The first voice specifically referenced is "Prospect 2" in Astral Body (track 2). Prospect can mean "an apparent probability of advancement" or "the outlook for the future" or "anticipation, a looking forward". All of these have to do with forward movement or the future.

    Later on in Extremophile Elite (track 5) we have Prospect 1 and Prospect 2. In this song, Prospect 1 refers to three individuals, all whirled together and mixed: Space Flight Navigator, Walking Mirror, and Galaxy Drifter. The first line of the song "To see one's self is hard to explain" implies that all three are one in the same.

    Based on Extremophile Elite and Lay Your Ghosts to Rest (track 3) wherein Prospect 2 is beginning a journey and wakes on a ship counting down to go, I propose that Prospect 2 is the Space Flight Navigator.

    First of all, this song is fucking amazing, as is the music video.

    "Analyze my own matter from above." - The Navigator is 'dreaming' or having an out of body experience. He is more than his body, his body is simply his matter. He notes that his blacked out eyes belong to an overgrown existence.
    "Never fall back down, trapped in myself" He resolves to never fall back to his body, and become trapped in that matter.

    "Slowly start to cut pieces of flesh...dig in and dissect" He uses his outside perspective to start analyzing himself.
    "Collecting examples of what the outside world sees" He implies a difference between what he (his astral body) is and what the outside world sees (his matter).
    "Under it all, I know the devastation I have caused" There is deep, hidden regret underneath, due to the devastation he says he has caused. I think everyone harbors embarrassments and regrets that they have hidden under lies and convenient amnesia of their wrongs.

    Here in the music video, the island of earth and ice colide, and the astral body takes flight.

    "Speak to me freely, I am listening" At the end, he opens himself up. In the music video, he takes off soaring. Maybe he is opening himself up to the universe. But as this happens, the world he created begins a crash course with the sun, and he returns to his physical body and awakens. Whether what he accomplished in his astral body was real or not is irrelevant, as the world he created was destroyed by the sun upon his awakening.

    This then leads into Lay Your Ghosts to Rest, where the Navigator awakes aboard the ship.
    asev0on October 18, 2012   Link

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