[Verse 1]
She whispered in my ear “No son atractivos”
And I said right back to her “Si, tu eres mi amigo”
She yelped with some flair “Yo no quiero!”
And I grinned all suave sayin, “Mami tu eres fiero!”
She said with some malice “Yo le golpeo!”
I nodded and said, “Tenga una gran lanceo”
I said to her “Tiene un bonito vestido”
And she said to me “Usted ha sido advertido”
I had let her know “Usted es un angel”
And so I asked her, “Quieres vera mi hotel?”
Said to me “No,” I didn’t know what that meant though
And she went on “Usted esta mas alla de estupido”
She sounded so sweet sayin “Su voz es de rejilla”
Without missin a beat, I said, “Tu eres un maravilla”
She then grimaced, “Usted olor de estiercol”
But you know, I had to concede, “No habla espanol.”

She was chilling in the sand
Saying shit that I don't understand
Airy holas
My love for her, it was immense
But her words don't make a lick of sense
Airy holas
She was chilling in the sand
Saying shit that I don't understand
Airy holas
I was rubbing all up on her thighs
But her language I don't recognize
Airy holas

[Verse 2]
Girl you're like an angel, been sent from heaven
But I guess in heaven there's no english, only telekinetics
Cause even though I don't a word you're saying to me
I'm praying that this night can end with you laying with me
Cause you're smiling and I'm silent
Your voice real pretty like a violin
I really mean it when I say you're like an angel, girl
Cause if this were like heaven, I would die again
How'd you get so special? I can't figure it out
But I don't understand the words coming out of your mouth


[Verse 3]
Who is this girl and what is she talking?
I think she might like me cause she caught me balking
And she didn't get offended like a white girl would
This girl is damn perfect, I'd take her home if I could
It's too bad I haven't understood a word out her mouth
And if she let me then I think that I'm gonna go down south
She gave me real sugar like a Mexi Coca-Cola
And it all started with a simple airy hola

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Airy Holas (The Mexican Breeze) song meanings
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