I've got nothing in the bank (that's fine with me)
And I'm covered in the stank (that's fine with me)
Don't need a fancy car or a diamond ring
Cause I've got this song and it's mine to sing

[Verse 1]
I got a girl that’s looking fine with me
Fuck bitches, get money is just a line to me
Fuck money, get bitches is the line to sing
Cause I ain’t got no money and no wine to drink
No fancy house, no fancy things, a tiny TV
Car ain’t a Benz or a Porsche, mine is a CRV
Hey little lady, I can see that you pine for me
So you can still be mine if you still so inclined to be
But don’t expect too much when you dine with me
We’ll go to McDonald’s and you can stand in line with me
No vacations to cool places, we’ll have no sights to see
No Hawaii, no Rhein, wallet’s too klein, you see
Life won’t be glamorous but I’ll make it as divine as can be
You can lay in bed being all supine with me
Broke-ass fool is the phrase that’s defining me
But I don’t got a care, if I got you, then that’s fine with me


[Verse 2]
Last time I took a shower was a year ago
From afar you can't tell, but if you're near you know
I like to think it adds character, a bit of personality
It makes me better than those who don't find a bath challenging
I wear the same clothes every day that I'm living
I die every now and then, so sometimes it's different
When I eat what I eat, I don't order off a menu
Garbage just don't taste as good when it's brand new
Some might say my life is deplorable
But to the right woman my life is adorable
I share my black bananas like I share my heart
We'll never leave our dumpster, we'll never be apart
I said we'll get married, I made her a promise
But all I found was a ring with some chili on it
She was speechless, I knew she was the perfect bride
I just wish I had known that she already died

[Verse 3]
Being broke sucks but at least tip-drills is free
If you got that free money, better give it to me
But living with me is better than living under the sea
Cause I can make you wetter baby, just take it from me
Eating catfood and sniffing glue just to go to sleep
Ain't seen a girl in a minute, babe, show me a peep
Some call me poor and some call me cheap
All because I love nothing more than shit that's free
It don't take money to get girls and I'm a prime example
I don't need cash when my loins are this ample
I was born in a dumpster, but I ain't mad
Because the rent is fucking free in my bachelor pad
I even live next door to my very best friend
Gave me a black banana, thought I was his boyfriend
But I ain't tripping man, we stick together
Representing, man, dumpster life forever

Dumpster life!
Dumpster life!
Dumpster life!
We're living dumpster life!

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