Sittin' at the crib, feel a jangle in my pocket
It's my homeboy Drew, he says "Waffle House, let's rock it!"
Call up T-Rid to see if he's suckin' toes
Goin' on a bro trip, bringin' no hoes
Hit up my boy Tay, though I know that he ain't busy
We all up in my ride sippin' on that C-Dizzy
Rollin' four deep in the Mazda, straight shakin' the block
When the ladies see us comin', they straight cravin' the cock
If they men step to us, then on them I'ma jock
If they wanna fist fight, then they jaw I'ma rock
When we on the way, we always bumpin' Dre
We don't eat filet, our girls wear Fabergé
Yeah I keep my girl fresh cause I save them dollars
Eatin' waffles at the house in the late-night hours
As I roll up to a spot, see a bum smokin' a j
I'm at the house of waffles, beautiful end to a day

End of the day? Nah, beginnin' a beautiful night
Man a Waffle Heezy trip can make everything alright
And we're standin' underneath the fabled glowin' gold
Seein' our favorite letters clad in black bold
Man, open the fuckin' door, let the posse bust in
Got the whole staff goin' "Not these fools again!"
Recognize each other, good employees don't forget
Up strolls our waitress, what's good Margaret?
She says, "Hey fellas, how you been, how you doin'?
Tell me what you want, and your orders I'll be securin'."
We lookin' for somethin' new but it sure ain't gotta be cheap
And you better not fuck it up unless you want eternal sleep
And without another word, homegirl does a little twirl
Pops her ass in the kitchen, starts to rock our fuckin' world
Got a fresh fresh waffle, I'ma put it in my syrup

Baby, I wanna show
Show you that all you need in life is Waffle House
Maybe then you will know
Know that all you need in life is Waffle House

Waffle House is the name of the establishment
Sit down, three hours later, wonder where the time went
It flew by as you were eatin' waffles, drinkin' some coffee
There's nowhere else on earth that you rather would be
Flowin' sugary syrup's more beautiful than Niagara
Perfect substitute to a bottle of Viagra
Waitress, oh waitress, can I get me some OJ?
And maybe with some hashbrowns, everything will be okay
"It's 2am man, should we go ahead and jet?"
Are you kiddin' me, bro? I haven't had seconds yet
Turn on the jukebox with tunes like no other
Sit back my man, enjoy the sounds of the meat lover
You may be excited but please don't get boisterous
Enjoy the food, and please tip your waitress
Even IHOP and Denny's gotta concede
That when you got Waffle House, there ain't much more that you need

I just had the very best meal of my life
And the feelin' I'm feelin' lets me know I'm doin' it right
It's called Waffle House Heaven, man it's like a euphoria
Make me see colors and lights, Fantasmagoria
If I had to pick between Waffle House and eatin' pussy
The choice would be easier than it should be
I'd choose the chicken, the waffles, the home-cooked meal
Yeah it's way more satisfyin' than coppin' a feel
Got some cheese and eggs, a biscuit and some jelly
And they're fixin' to meet up with the waffle in my belly
Got so much inside that I'm about to bust
But it feels so good that I'm about to bust
There's nothin' else like it, the shit is unique
I've got enough fuel for the next seven weeks
Just nourishment and good American nutrition
Yeah Waffle House Heaven is my favorite tradition

Baby, I wanna show
Show you that all you need in life is Waffle House
Maybe then you will know
Know that all you need in life is Waffle House

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