[Verse 1: Dean]
Call me Owen Wilson, cause I’m crashing the wedding
You were having with the game, you can exchange the bedding
And all the other gifts you’ve already received
From your mom, your bro, and the hip-hop community
Cause what you’ve been doing’s gonna smell like shit
Once they catch a whiff of this Waffle Houze ish
We act goofy, but next to you we so intelligent
Hope you didn’t blow your cash, cause you irrelevant
Call me Wiz cause I’m on my level
I’m just playin’; he’s not on our level
If we dumb our shit down, could we make it like Wiz did?
If we whip our hair, could we make it like Will’s kid?
To other rappers do we sound like pasty misfits?
Or are our rhymes tasty like gravy and biscuits?
Your luck is out, step on your four-leafed clover
The cops are here, man; your party’s over

Party's over, it's done
Party's over, it's done
Party's over, it's done
Party's over, the end

[Verse 2: Travis]
Let’s take a moment to assess the situation
Don’t wanna hear? Then I suggest that you switch the station
But the radio won’t play us though
Cause the lyrics too vulgar, like Brian O’
Hollerin’ you are, and swallowin’, you are
The lyrics we spit, and Twitter-followin’ you are
Haha, I’m kidding, that was a little joke
Cause if followers were currency, then we’d be a little broke
But currently my current be moving you
And don’t deny that this beat is grooving you
A heart attack is what I’d say we’re serious as
Like Sirius Black, I’d say we’ll strike fear in your ass
That line was for all the haters, you see
Cause we’re tired of people not takin’ us seriously
We’re three white kids that make jokes, but we ain’t playing
Man I got sidetracked; what was it that I was saying?


[Verse 3: Andrew]
When a flow so exquisite as this is getting busted
Best pay attention, like a crime scene’s getting dusted
Like an exhibit in a museum for y’all’s viewing
Dirty like two dudes in the mall screwing
And all through it, people start to crowd around
The moanin’ and the screaming’s gettin’ louder now
This shit’s a spectacle; I master the game
Grind faster than James Bond chasin’ after them dames
Y’all stayin’ the same while I’m straight evolving
Charizard from Charmander, Weezing from Koffing
That chameleon flow, cop-a-feelin’ a ho
Gotta get that cash; wheelin’ and dealin’, you know?
Cause I’m judge, jury and the executioner
And you’re such a fruit, the next step is juicing ya
I know it hurts, cause I wrecked your head
But it could be worse; this track is left for dead


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