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[Verse 1: Andrew]
It’s on like the motherfucking air conditioning
Never turn it off, no matter where you’re listening
We about to get sensual? These jams will do
But somebody better bring me some body butter too
First I lay the track down, silky smooth
Start so soft, we can get filthy soon
So hold your horses and cool your jets
Table’s open, better place your bets
I bet your place would be better next to mine
Cause I need the kind of neighbor who is extra fine
Who’ll lend me some sugar whenever I please
And who ain’t never heard of celibacy
Like, “Yo that’s dumb, whatever it means
So nevermind, Your Highness, you’re forever the king”
Let’s get to know each other, let me pick your mind
Cause you got the kind of spirit I can get behind

Do you know who you're dealing with?
It's Dem Waffle Houze Boiz and we're real as shit
Don't like us? Deal with it
Cause there's no way that you couldn't feel this shit
Bring it on as smooth as possible
Think you've got us beat? Impossible
It's on, motherfucker let me say again
We're Dem Waffle Houze Boiz and we play to win

[Verse 2: Travis]
I’ve been rhyming a lot now I’m in a rut
It’s time to mix it up like lime and a nut
But what is there to say besides “Hey
I’m a G like the OG Jabba the Hutt”
I know these rhymes are sick, man, don’t gotta tell me
I don’t want your soup, the Campbell I want’s Alison Brie
Speaking of she, I’d love to make her scream for
Four hours, okay maybe four minutes, possibly one more
I digress; people ask if our group is the best
If you say that we’re not, then I don’t doubt that you jest
That’s like asking if Jordan knew how to shoot hoops
That’s like asking if Stoop Kid was afraid to leave his stoop
We made “Hold Up” but we’re still talking that shit
Cause y’all keep making shit like y’all’s colons is spastic
We're killing everyone, cover this room in plastic
Cause y’all getting wrapped up while we rapping classics


[Verse 3: Dean]
Who do you know that is fresher than me?
I got a hint for ya: it ain’t no one that I’ve seen
There’s no one with more bling, no guy with more swing
In his step than Dean, the most real MC, hah!
I laughed, but this ain’t no joke, son
Make yourself useful, go grab me a cold one
Shiner or a Shocktop, ain’t on that P.N.S
Don’t know what that is? You on it if you have to ask
And I have to ask, do you know what this is?
Dee Dubz HB, “on” is what this is
Gone is what you is; sorry for my grammar
On this beat, so clean like Arm & Hammer
Got my Vibrams on, toe’s all healed up
Nanner in one hand, that shit’s all peeled up
Got a titty in the other, that shit’s all feeled up
And we got this game on lock, that shit’s all sealed up


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