[Hook: Awsten Knight]
Stop this awful dream
Fucking pray for Dean
Please get well cause
We need you around again
Things just aren't the same
Without you

[Verse 1: Travis]
It all started ago, many many weeks
When Dean bought those godforsaken shoes that look like feet
"They're Vibrams!" he said; his voice might've squeaked
But I told him, "I don't care, those stupid shoes, they look like feet"
Stubborn as hell, he said "I do what I want!"
Then those stupid shoes Dean did try to flaunt
Chilling in ATX, on our way to get Atwood
Go down in infamy, this is a day that would
He was saying something about where we'd get grub
Then destiny called and Dean's toe got stubbed
Time seemed to stop
But it did not, of course time don't stop
Now you know the story of our boy Dean's strife
Now you know the story that fucking changed our lives
I started a campaign; you know the one that I mean
Get to Twitter, get to typing #prayfordean


[Verse 2: Andrew]
It was all a dream; at least I fucking wish it was
But this shit ain't; I fucking miss you, cuz
Since you smashed your toe, you ain't been around
And my laughter box ain't made a single sound
My body gets cold in the darkest hours
And I feel awful lonely when I'm in the shower
There's nobody here to change my socks
I feel worthless, like a bag of rocks
When you coming back? I hope it's soon
I'll wish and I'll wish on a full-ass moon
It's the thought that counts, for what it's fucking worth
And you're my best homeboy here on fucking earth
So hurry back son, cause dinner's ready
The bell is ringing and my balls are sweaty
You're a heartless bastard, and really mean
If you don't, if you don't pray for Dean


[Verse 3: Dean]
All y'all punks were out celebrating
Thinking I was gone for good, but quit hating
Cause my absence was a temporary hiatus
Sorry to give you hope but I didn't surrender my status
As the best white rapper in Central Texas
Kind of a stretch, like a virgin's sex is
Call your exes, ask them who the best is
They've been praying for Dean, don't care who the rest is
Speaking of, homie, where your honey at?
Bet twenty bucks that she's where the money at
That means she's with Dee Dubz, so we're getting Dee Dubz
Asked her what she thought of your music and she said "He sucks!"
I'm really sorry, I know you wish that you could be us
So brew a Polyjuice Potion bruh, live it up
Now that your boy Dean is back on the scene
I'm gonna get so fucking gully that you're gonna be giving up

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