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Whoa now, haters gonna hate
I throw my fork down, get that beef up off my plate
You better hold up, wait a minute wait
You're talking bullshit that don't matter anyway

[Verse 1: Andrew]
Yo, bitch, stop your whining, cause it's driving me crazy
Your name calling is lame and your insults are lazy
I think it'd be better for everyone if you never spoke again
I'd say that's the first step if you ever wanna have some friends
But I guess that you don't ever plan on that
Cause it just ain't realistic
You'll be alone for eternity
Just twisted and sadistic
Give yourself a hand, what you're doin is really worth it
When you make yourself look like a jackass, man
That shit is picture perfect


[Verse 2: Dean]
I say "Fuck nah!" when I see that beef up on my plate
Gavin never left no food up on his plate
Haters gonna hate, what the fuck can I do?
Put all the beef up in a pot and make a stew
What's the fucking point of being a bitch
Talking shit on the internet and all that bullshit?
Say it to my face if you've got a fucking problem
Don't gotta worry cause I can fucking solve 'em
Y'all pussy-ass bitches get the shit up out my face
Keep acting up, you'll get your body in a brace
I know that you never even got to first base
But what'd I even do to you in the first place?


[Verse 3: Cheldon McQueen]
Hold up, put the fork down
Like a Muslim, put the fork down
They hate me like a sport now
But I ball on them, nigga what now?
Haters gonna hate
I tell them say it to my face
Cause all these forks up in the room
And your girl still wanna spoon
So where my butter knife is? Cause the kid trying to spread
I mean it's hard to get up in her, can a nigga get some credit?
Cause she's gonna take the credit, debits and the pets
If you're trying to call it off, it's off, off with your neck, hold up
I kind of need this thing, so you think you could wait like a couple hundred years?
Shit, at least a couple decades
At least enough to get laid
At least enough so I can take you to my homes like we eses
You know I'm playing with you, quit trying to leash me up
But hypothetically, como se dice "Suck these coconuts?"
You'll get it when you're older
We've got a phrase for you haters in the industry:
Free promotion, bruh


[Verse 4: Travis]
I got all these people saying to me, "You're in a rap group?
But you're so quiet, oh my god, you really threw me for a loop!
My head is spinning, I'm feeling like I'm being duped
You're like a skinny Biggie, white Weezy, you're like a young Snoop!"
I laugh and nod and say "That might not be true, but thanks
Though, in the future please refrain from saying that I'm like Wayne."
To my face you're talking to me about how our shit's the bomb
And when I'm gone you post our vids on
"Make fun of this dumb bitch" is what your comment did say
And for some reason you also said that my roommate is super gay
Hate on me all you want, but why bring Shelly Jax into this?
And why do you feel the need to bring up the fact he macks on dicks?
You're one to talk, spend all your time a-blowin that tree
You got nothing to show, is that why you're jealous of us three?
You act like we're buds, pal, but I know you're talking shit
Cause the shit is on your lips and I watch it drip, drip, drip


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