Mickey Mouse came home after a workday all alone, oh yeah
He walked into his house and hoped to kiss his Minnie Mouse, oh yeah
But then he saw his wife and screamed,
"Are you fucking crazy, Minnie? Why do this to me?"
And she corrected, "Fucking Goofy, can't you see?"

That was the day that Mickey Mouse snapped
Putting everyone he knew into a Mickey Mouse trap
No more Mr. Nice Mouse, now he's in to see some tears
With the steam from his steamboat shooting out of his ears
Chugging down some whiskey that he got at the pub
Now come into his clubhouse and prepare to be clubbed

Mickey drank some wine and traveled to a distant mine, oh yeah
The seven dwarfs were there working with their love and care, oh yeah
Their happiness had left him irked
He took grenades out of his vest and then he threw them with a smirk
And yes, he even whistled while he worked

It was the day of Mickey's assaults
Now they're just a memory locked inside of Walt Disney's vault
Spilling oil in the ocean so the Little Mermaid died
Then he went and killed Aladdin on a smothered carpet ride
Just like his victims, Mickey's heart was torn apart
Now he'll come into your kingdom and he'll tear out your heart

A calm, peaceful night... Cinderella's at the ball
Happily dancing with Prince Charming, fine and tall
And Mickey thought for a moment as he witnessed this true love
Then he recalled his wife's goof and looked down at his bloody gloves
Then he tore off her glass slippers, held the shards inside his fists
As he laughed he jammed them right into her neck and through her wrists
Then he ripped the wings off Tinkerbell to keep as souvenirs
And then he built a cross and crucified Dumbo by his ears

Sleeping Beauty laid inside her bed for many days, oh yeah
Mickey grabbed a flask full of carbon monoxide gas, oh yeah
He put a gas mask on his head
Pumped the gas into her room, directly at her bed
Then he bent down and confirmed that she was dead

Bye bye, Mickey. It's time to run away
Better hope the Disney cops don't find you today
Better pack a toothbrush, run and sail afloat
Just saw Pinocchio and use the wood to fuel your boat

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